How do I decide my content?

Right now, I have two months of content in preparation, 3 year’s worth of projects being questioned, and regular new series’ showcasing the amazing people we have in the blogosphere, volunteering world and the world in general.

When I look at the next project on John’s Road to Volunteering, I look at what’s apparent in my surroundings. What have I seen on social media, that shows a gap in content? What conversations have I seen taking place? What conversations have I had?

By seeing what’s happening around me, I get this feeling. I get a feeling that tells me, it’s my next move. I’m a strategist at heart, so I tend to plan more things than I really should. I see the potential in everything and how each project will fit into my future.

How does a project fit in with my plans? Is it a short-term project or could it lead onto longer projects? Many of the things I have coming up, will lead onto something else. By working on a long-term plan with smaller, more actionable projects, I’m able to do what I love…raise awareness!

Raising awareness isn’t always clear, so when I see an opportunity I take it. Last year’s #iblogbecause campaign has lead me to this year’s campaign (among many conversations), and I’m sure my upcoming campaign will lead to something else in the future. I wasn’t sure if the #iblogbecause campaign would work, and yet it did. It reached heights greater than I first thought.

How do we know if something will work until we give it a try? It’s the way I like to look at my content. How are we meant to know if a blog post would get ‘x’ amount of engagement until it’s uploaded? How do we know of the response until we share our thoughts?

So, what’s my process in creating content?

  1. Jotting down ideas

I work in advance in pretty much everything I do. When I have an idea, I jot it down; on a notepad or my phone. I now carry a notepad with me everywhere I go, ready for the sudden brain tick, giving me a potential new project, blog post or aesthetic.


  1. Hashtag match

Each day, there’s a different hashtag trending. The hashtags running week in week out help me to decide the order of my content.

Monday – #MondayMotivation

Tuesday – #CharityTuesday

Wednesday – #WednesdayWisdom

Thursday – #ThursdayThoughts

Friday – #FridayFeeling

Saturday – I tend to roll with it

Sunday – I tend to roll with it

By understanding what could be trending, I decide what kind personal thought or experience could relate to the hashtag. Knowing what might be trending, could possibly help to have your blog noticed. #CharityTuesday works wonders for my volunteering/or charity related content.


  1. Date in the calendar

Working in advance, means that if I do decide to change my mind over a post, I have plenty of time to write another post. I use Google Sheets to help manage a schedule, and I use a colour code system to confirm blog posts and whether I have relevant pictures for them.


  1. Take photos

Working in advance with my blog posts, helps me to book days out to get the photos needed. I travel regularly to collect photos needed for the blog posts, and it brings a sense of excitement to my life. Whether I’m travelling to another part of Southampton, Brighton or London, taking photos is a rewarding part of blogging. We can learn so much about ourselves from the photos we take.


  1. Write

Once I’ve collected my photos, if I have spare time, I’ll write my posts in advance or I’ll write them on the day of the upload. I tend to write posts within 15 minutes, so there’s not really a worry of writing it on the day, as most of my content is written from my heart; especially the personal posts.


In reality, there’s not really anything I do different to the next blogger, and this process works for me. Keeping things simple, let’s my brainwaves flow and the ideas transfer onto paper and then onto a screen.

So that’s my process. Do you have one?


7 thoughts on “How do I decide my content?

  1. I’m really trying hard to be on top of my blog, I’ve been writing in advance and constantly jotting down any ideas I get on the go. Loved this post and your reasonings behind it xx


  2. This was interesting to read, I always wonder what bloggers or other creators do in their process that differs from mine. Mine is pretty similar to yours, I love to jot down ideas whenever I have them, and then revisit it when I plan a new post. I haven’t been on top of the whole trending hashtags though, that’s something I should implement more often!


  3. These are great tips! I’ve never thought about traveling to get pics for my blog, though I do periodically take them as I go. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. That’s amazing you write your posts in 15 minutes! I always take at least an hour +, but writing is really the focus of many of my posts and I love crafting the stories 🙂 No wonder you can churn them out everyday!


    1. I agree that is amazing. It takes me like two weeks to write mine. Most be more than skill there. Most be talent too.


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