Community Champions Week 10


When I looked in my diary to see who was being featured this week, I knew this week was going to be emotional.

Week in, week out, I feature amazing individuals who constantly show their support and those featured this week have gone above and beyond to recognise both my voluntary work and blog content.

This week’s ‘Community Champions’ are godsends, and I’m such a lucky guy to call each of them as a close friend!

Let’s hand you over to them now, and I apologise in advance for the soppy messages!




I’m a thirty-something Business Analyst and wannabe Northern Goddess by day and a Healthy Living, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger by night! I love blogging because it gives me the creative outlet I never had in my twenties, it gives me somewhere to escape to when the going gets tough and to share my thoughts and feelings.  When I started blogging I had little to no self-confidence and remained faceless for the first few months, but through writing and meeting like-minded people I have become more confident, more self-assured and an all round stronger person.

Reasons why Emma is my hero: You’re not a wannabe Northern Goddess Emma, you are a goddess! You brighten up my day when we talk, you make me smile when you comment about my content, and you make me ever so proud to be a blogger, through the way you engage me in your content. Emma’s content is off the chain, and is one of the reasons why Emma is one of my favourite bloggers. Her hardworking nature hasn’t gone unnoticed, and knowing she’s an inspiration of mine (not sure if I’ve told her this), I strive to be a better blogger because of Emma.





Hello there! I’m Amyleigh – a pint-sized northerner living down south who blogs about lifestyle topics such as video games, nature photography, what I’m currently reading, and the occasional recipe. I’m also a big lover of fashion and beauty blogging and I’m a huge advocate of blog posts which make people feel positive and good about themselves. In my day-to-day life, I work as a teacher for a charity which helps young people and people with disabilities gain their qualifications and succeed in the work place. It is honestly one of the most challenging but rewarding things I’ve ever done – but I love it!

Reasons why Amyleigh is my hero: There’s something about Amyleigh I adore, and it’s everything about her. Amyleigh speaks her mind, and it gives me confidence in myself to share my thoughts. Amyleigh always makes me laugh with every conversation we have, and our ‘dickhead’ comment, let’s me know that we have a love that brings friends closer together. We all need a ‘dickhead’ like Amyleigh in our lives.





I’m Charlene McElhinney – Creator of the #beechat community, Author of Melancholy Mind, professional writing student,  blogger and occasional vlogger from Glasgow, Scotland. I particularly enjoy sharing my Mental Health experience with other people and trying to help to bring comfort to others. I recently published a book in the form of poetry and shared all the different aspects of my Mental Health throughout 182 pages. Every week, twice a week, I host my own twitter chat and enjoy connecting with other bloggers and twitter users and chatting (through a Q&A format) for an hour or so; it really lifts my spirits and makes me feel like I’ve created something worthwhile. Writing is my therapy. Whenever I write – I feel a massive weight being lifted off my chest. There are not enough words to describe how much writing means to me.

Reasons why Charlene is my hero: I’m not sure there’s a word which defines Charlene. We first connected when beechat had just started, and her love for blogging is something I admire about her. To be honest, I admire everything about Charlene. Charlene is the essence of beauty inside and out, and her internal beauty warms the blogging world and also my life. She’s always there for me when I need someone to talk to and knowing she’s there, lets me know I have a true friend in Charlene.

I’m so proud of Charlene for writing her first book, and I know, Charlene will continue to grow and grow, and I’ll be there to support her along the way.





I’m Nicky – a stay-at-home mom of three who blogs about life, family, art, food and beauty.  Blogging at and participating within the blogging community (although I don’t get time to interact nearly as often as I’d like) has truly changed my life for the better!  My hope for my blog is to inspire others by sharing my own journey as well as the things I’ve learned along the way.  Also, I love pink!

Reasons why Nicky is my hero: You know you have a real friend, when someone 1000s of miles away shows support in everything you do! I remember when Nicky and I whatsapped and she heard my voice (Americans apparently love the British accent?!) and it showed me I’m incredibly lucky to have her in my life. Nicky’s support makes me want to grow. The support makes me want to be who I am, and to tell my story. Nicky is still relatively new to the blogging world, and as day passes, I know the time comes closer to when we’ll meet.

Nicky is an amazing friend, supporter and more importantly a friend. I’m not sure what life would be like without Nicky in my life.





I’m Naomi, I blog all about adventures with my family at trips with a tot. Live in Sheffield with my partner Ollie and our little boy Eric who is one and a half. We take little vlogs, do photography, find out the best stuff going on in my city, blogging as we go! I also run a Sheffield parents meet up group which is run by me, is a year old and I organise days out and trips for parents all across South Yorkshire; once or twice a week. It was over 600 members. I love to participate for my local sling library, the Sheffield sling surgery, as a peer supporter helping families and building bonds. I love vegan food, the peak district, a good coffee, and having fun with my friends!

Reasons why Naomi is my hero: Whenever I host a chat, Naomi is always there. Whenever I share my story, Naomi is there. Naomi is a flipping incredible friend and I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for me. Naomi is a light at the end of my tunnel, and will continue to shine not only in my life, but also the blogging world. Twitter|Blog


Did the warning help? Did you need tissues like I did writing this?

All it takes is one tweet, one comment, to brighten up your day, and whenever I chat to Emma, Amyleigh, Charlene, Nicky or Naomi, I always smile knowing how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 10

  1. We are all truly lucky to have you in our lives! Thank you so much for all the kind, tear-inducing words and for continuing to share your story and your inspiration every day. I’m looking forward to the day we can meet as well and all the blog-worthy adventures we’ll get to share! xx


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