Introducing Autumn’s Mummy


Hi, I’m Laura from Autumn’s Mummy! I’m 25 and happily married to my husband, Dave. Next year we’ll be celebrating a decade together! Last September (2016) we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, our first child. We named her Autumn.


Unfortunately, two weeks after she was born, she suddenly fell ill. It was quite a shock, particularly as she’d seemed so healthy up until that point and it had been a smooth pregnancy. To cut a long story short, she had an incredibly mobile ovarian cyst that had wrapped itself around one of her ovaries, killing it off. This had triggered either sepsis or symptoms mimicking it, due to the stress of this on her body. It was after I noticed she was struggling to breathe that we were transferred to a London hospital during the early hours of the morning; her heart rate and temperature were also high. It had been unclear, even to doctors, what exactly what was going on. It wasn’t until the day of her operation at 5 weeks old that they knew what had happened when they used a keyhole camera. They then had to do open surgery to remove the cyst and ovary.


Fortunately, Autumn has come on leaps and bounds since, but it had a huge impact on my mental health. I already suffered with anxiety, but what happened was far too much for me to cope with only two weeks after giving birth. I started blogging in January 2017 as I thought it might help me to recover, as well as helping other parents in a similar situation. I also thought it would be fun and would be a great way to document Autumn growing up and my husband and I’s lives as first time parents.

As well as writing about the serious things that have happened with Autumn and my mental health, I also enjoy writing about the more light-hearted side of parenting and its struggles. Although it’s often tough, I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way! I also have far more interests than I have time for, including cheese, cars, metal (the music genre), piercings, beauty and fashion.

I love blogging because I’ve always had a passion for reading. I love the fact that people seem to enjoy what I write and talk to me about it! I have also found it very cathartic writing about my traumatic experiences. My favourite thing about blogging, however, is helping other people. When I wrote about my labour, someone tweeted me telling me that I had given her so much more confidence in giving birth. She was due to give birth any day and was nervous about it, but I had reassured her that she could do it. Recently, I’ve also written about hating my daughter’s name due to my anxiety surrounding the events of last October. Another blogger told me how it had really helped her to know that someone had gone through a similar situation to her. It then inspired her to write about her experience and she also found it very healing. The fact that my words have the power to help other people is truly amazing!

In the future, I’d love to continue to grow my blog and write about things I’m passionate about. I want to remain true to myself and only write about things that interest me. I think being genuine is so important in the blogging world. You owe it to your readers to be genuine, there is too much fake information out there and that isn’t helping anyone.



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