Introducing Two Girls Same Passions…

When John told us he wanted us to be part of his new to blogging series we were pleased that he wanted to include us.

We decided to start our blog as we have always enjoyed reading blogs and one day decided to start our own. We started our blog in January this year. We wanted a place to put our thoughts and opinions on all the things we love.

The main topics on our blog are beauty, lifestyle and fashion. We enjoy creating different content ideas and hope to inspire someone through our posts in whatever way that may be. We’re just two regular girls who decided to start a blog and share our experiences.

We love that blogging is a community, you get to meet and talk with different bloggers through going to events and joining in with blogger chats. Our future plans for our blog is to continue to create content that we enjoy and that you enjoy reading, to continue learning as we go along in our blogging journey and to create the most authentic blog for us.

Lauren and Maddy.jpg

Lauren’s social media accounts:

Twitter: @lols92

Insta: lols1992


Maddy’s social media accounts:

Twiter: @Mads_1992

Insta: mads_92


You can find our blog over at


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