Introducing ‘The Typical Beauty Blog’

Kimmiee The Typical BBlog

Hey guys, I’m Kimmiee from The Typical Beauty Blog & John very kindly chose me to be part of his “New to Blogging” series & it just goes to show how lovely, kind & genuine people are in the blogging world. I was missing out on all the communicating / establishing friendship aspects of blogging before I joined Twitter, which I should have joined much sooner, but no worries, now that my blog has social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram & a Pinterest account on the way I feel more motivated & encouraged to keep on doing what I’m doing as I’m getting to talk to so many lovely individuals!

None of you probably know me, but if you’re already reading my blog posts then yaaaaassss! Hi5 ha-ha but for those of you who are not familiar with my journey then here goes… the reason I initially started my blog was because of my love for home remedies. I will crack open an aspirin & dissolve it to apply to my pimples instead of buying some expensive spot cream & I enjoy making homemade face masks using simple ingredients from my kitchen. I realised that I had a bunch of these DIY remedies saved up on the “Notes” section of my phone & I thought to myself… you know what? if I make a blog & put these on there then someone may be able to benefit from them! So, that’s how The Typical Beauty Blog started & you know what I haven’t posted a single DIY remedy on there. It’s crazy, but mainly because I can’t seem to take satisfactory pictures of the DIY remedies, I’m just not completely happy with the way they come out & I take pride in everything I do so if something is not up to mark I just can’t publish it! That being said I am so so so glad that I stuck to my blog, worked hard on it, putting in time & effort as its opened up a whole new world to me & it’s so much fun sharing my thoughts on products with you guys. It’s just like my little space to think out loud tbh.

If you wanna know a little about my blog it basically consists of product reviews / things that are of interest to me & general beauty related things, with the odd life post thrown in, so as my tag line says it basically has ‘A Little Bit Of Everything”. I also run a weekly blog series called SkinLovin’ Sundays which I am so proud of myself for, because it’s something that just helps me stay organised & helps you guys (my readers hopefully haha) know to expect a skincare tip post every Sunday! – without fail so far so yaaaay!

If any of this has sounded of any interest to you then please do check me out at:

My blog:

My twitter:

My Instagram:

Thankyou so much to the lovely John for choosing me to share my blog & story with you guys today!

Love, Kimmiee.


5 thoughts on “Introducing ‘The Typical Beauty Blog’

  1. This is great aw, I love love love Kimmiee, she’s such a sweetheart and such a big supporter of my blog! I appreciate those who support me, and I can support back! Great that you are doing these posts John!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your blog and the fact I have had a chance to come across it, and you, thanks to social media! The blogging community is amazing! I too didn’t get on Twitter right off the bat but am SO happy that I have since found my way there!

    Britt |


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