The hour many look forward to

When I think about my week, and the time of day I enjoy most, it’s when blogger chats are on. If you’re unaware, blogger chats are an hour long (normally) networking hour for bloggers, taking place on various Twitter accounts, to give you an opportunity to tell those in attendance who you are, what you love and much much more.

Unsure of what chats on and when? Click here for my chat schedule.

So, in true John’s Road to Volunteering style, I thought about sharing my thoughts on why blogger chats are amazing, but you hear me ramble on too much, so I’m joined by some awesome people to give you an insight into why you should get involved in chats.


Great for finding new blogs. – Kayleigh 

IMG_1154 (1).JPG

When you’re involved in a chat, the beauty is you’re never going to see the same people in them all the time. As there’s so many chats, there’s a lot of opportunity to discover new blogs to read, and to find more bloggers to have a chin wag with.


A friendly open safe space – Saffron 

C16_9782A (1).jpg

Being around a group of people you might not have necessarily been in conversation with before can be daunting. I think all the ladies in today’s post can agree with me there. Whether you’re new to chats or a chat veteran like myself, you know the people in the chat have your back, and you’re welcome to say how you feel.


Interaction with a great community – Courtney 

11148341_10207889653383853_7922630923083856501_n (1)

I was scared when I started chats, I won’t lie, but as Kayleigh, Saffron and Courtney have already pointed out, the interaction in chats, is absolutely incredible! I’m not sure I’ve been involved in anything like it!


Meeting so many fabulous people! – Mo 

image1 (2).JPG

Mo is talking about me here! (I kid) But in all seriousness, all of us in this chat all connected through chats. If they weren’t around I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, and I don’t think the blogging world would be the same.


meeting like minded people, community, support, meeting new friends and motivating  – Shannon 

image1 (3)

When you add everything in this post together, motivation is a key reason why I get involved in chats. Chats are amazing to not only get to know other bloggers, but it’s a chance to get a real buzz from what everyone’s achieved and planning.


Support, collaboration, motivation, positivity & fun – Laura 

Selfie (1)

Chats are what made this post happen and collaborations happens when you meet people who support you. The ladies featured in this post have been absolute incredible supporters of John’s Road to Volunteering, and it’s been a pleasure writing this post with them all.

Chats are a great way to make friends, connect with brands (depending on the chat you take part in) and more importantly…great for developing a/the community.

Kayleigh, Saffron, Courtney, Mo, Shannon, Laura, thank you all for being amazing individuals and for sharing your thoughts in today’s post.

I hope everyone has enjoyed today’s post, and maybe leave below your thoughts on why blogger chats are amazing…





12 thoughts on “The hour many look forward to

  1. Great posts as always, John! I definitely agree with all the comments from the girls above. My favourite thing, by far, is the sense of friendliness you get from these chats. There’s no pressure to think too much about what you want to say because you know people won’t judge you regardless of what comes out of your mouth… or fingers, as the case may be! Like you said, I also really like the sense of community it creates. Blogging can feel quite isolating at times because you’re one person, sitting at a keyboard, writing posts–but these chats make you remember that you’re part of something bigger; a whole community of people just like you! 🙂


  2. Another great post John! Twitter chats have really been my breakthrough on making connections with fellow bloggers in the community. Without these chats, I don’t think I’d have half the relationships I do have now! Definitely a great tool and a great part of our community.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve only been in the blogging community for a little over a month now and I agree, I love the opportunity to connect with and engage with other bloggers! I believe we’ve even chatted back-and-forth a bit 🙂 I love the chats because as a newbie, it allows me to meet like-minded people who I’ve gone on to build friendships with. We encourage each other on hard days and laugh about trivial life stuff. It’s nice to have that camaraderie.

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  4. I loved this post! I only recently discovered blogger chats and I have loved them ever since! I look forward to at least one a day! I hope to host my own one day, just waiting for a reply


  5. I agree with all of the aspects they’ve pointed out. In my months without WiFi one of the things I missed the most was Twitter chats. They are great to meet new people, find new inspiration and just spend a lovely hour talking about things you like.
    I love that you included so many bloggers in your post!

    Samantha |


  6. Couldn’t agree more with all these statements! Blogger chats have made me realise how supportive the blogging community really is! Fab post I love that you did this!


  7. There’s nothing I love more about blogging than twitter chats! They are super welcoming and so much fun. I love all the different topics and that so many people do them. You get to learn something new about the community and other people and it’s so heartwarming when people starting chatting with you about your thoughts.

    Abbie •


  8. I didn’t find blogger chats until I had been blogging for awhile, and after I did I have to wonder how I ever got by without them! The support, friendship and camaraderie are amazing – plus I always love finding new blogs to follow!

    Britt |


  9. Hi, Graet post as always. I have been a bit rubbish at blog chats lately and need to make an effort as its a great way to discover new bloggers and network, Chloe.


  10. I totally relate to this. I really love how blogger chats. It’s a great tool for bloggers to connect to other bloggers. It’s also a great avenue to discuss a variety of topics. I think it was through a blogger chat that I came by your Twitter, which then led me to your blog. Amazing post, John!

    Aria |


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