Community Champions Week 11

When people show their support for my journey, my volunteering or my blog, I reach out to thank them. The ‘Community Champions’ series is my way to say thank you to each person and for me to really get a bit soppy.

Support is something I’ve been overwhelmed with of late, and the 5 incredible ladies featured in this week’s blog have supported in ways I’m so thankful for.




Emma is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth. You can expect mostly high street make up and skin care reviews on her blog and are most likely to find her with her head in her phone scrolling through Instagram!

Reasons why Emma is my hero: When Emma and I met at an event in London, we hadn’t really spoken before. When we started talking, I fell in love with her warm nature, her stunning smile and also her love for charity work. It’s amazing getting to know someone with a love for helping others, and every moment I got to spend with Emma was a blessing. Having someone in my friendship circle who truly gets where I’m coming from and all my rants, shows the person Emma is. I can be myself around Emma, and just having someone listen is what makes my day. Emma, thank you for being a sweetheart.





I’m Erin and I write Musings of a So-Called Shutterbug. In my working life I work full-time as an operations manager, but in my personal life I’m a photographer and blogger. I’ve written Shutterbug for almost 8 years now, but have been blogging since 1998. I love how I can use my blog to reach people and for people to reach me. The community is one of my favourite things about being a blogger!

Reasons why Erin is my hero: Week in, week out, Erin is featured in my weekly #FF. Erin is a sweetheart when you get to know her and knowing she’s in my blog’s community, I feel ever so lucky. Having Erin support my journey allows me to stay motivated on my path. Erin’s small action is making a huge difference in my life and those who are influenced by my story.





Hi my name is Vanessa. Im 23 from Essex and I am a maintenance worker. My blog is and it is a lifestyle blog of anything and everything. I called it the real ness as everything I write about is true, real and my thoughts and ramblings 🙂 Feel free to have a look about 🙂

Reasons why Vanessa is my hero: Vanessa is a community favourite with her beautiful glow shining on the blogging world. Vanessa and I don’t speak loads, but what I do know is how happy I feel when we talk, and how much of a difference she’s making to others. Vanessa I know will message after this and will say she hasn’t done anything, but that’s when you know someone is truly amazing. Vanessa is just herself and people love that. People love how beautiful she is inside and out, and I believe we need more Vanessa’s in the blogging world.





Hi to all of Johns lovely community. It’s hard to explain what I blog about as I only consider it a hobby so i have no tagline, niche or even schedule, what i do no is the message I want to spread with my blog I am passionate about advocating rights for disabilities and mental health so will regularly share personal experiences on these personal matters. But of course, there is also a person as well as the disabilities so I also include anything that grabs my fancy.

Reasons why Courtney is my hero: Courtney recently featured me in ideal blogging panel post, and to have someone feel they want to feature me in a post is an incredible feeling. Courtney reads the majority of my posts (total fangirl) and I’m so grateful to have someone take the time out of their day to read my content. The thing I love the most about Courtney is her disability rights campaigning and how I see a lot of similarities in our goals. For one person to use their story to help others is inspirational, and Courtney…I’m ever so proud of what you’re doing!





Hi I’m Saffron, a Lifestyle and Mental Health blogger from the South of the UK. I use my blog to talk about topics I think should be spoken about more, my journey as a university student studying film production, and anything that pops up along the way. I love the creative release blogging gives me, and hopefully having my voice heard!

Reasons why Saffron is my hero: One thing I want to do is to give Saffron a big hug. Since connecting, Saffron time and time again reaches out to me and recognises what I’m doing. All it takes is one message to make me smile and having the support she gives is truly wonderful. Saffron speaks up about topics she feel needs to be spoken about, and it quite simply isn’t being done enough in blogging. Saffron is an exceptional blogger, proving that we need to break the stigmas and taboos and to act more of a community. Saffron and I have collaborated before, and watch this space, as I know the two of us will be working together again soon. Before I leave, Saffron is a babe!



Emma, Erin, Vanessa, Courtney and Saffron thank you for being superstars. Thank you for being absolute angels in my journey and also for supporting others in the blogging world. Know how much I appreciate every single one of you.

It’s really as simple as that. 5 ladies who are themselves, shining the light on my journey and I’m saying thanks.

Maybe next time you receive support; big or small, say thank you to that person and recognise them for their selfless act. It might just make their day!




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