Clicking publish on a personal post

I like to think I’m an open person. Being open with my life helps me to move on from very personal experiences and as I have a few very deep, emotional, tear-jerking posts coming up, I thought this post was relevant.

I’ve been meeting a lot of bloggers recently and have been in numerous meetings where my future content is a hot topic. What do you have coming up? What can we be excited about?

My personal posts are not to be looked forward to. I will be breaking myself into pieces to bring out the emotions relating to two very hard areas of discussion;

  1. Flash was my best friend for nearly 15 years and was the reason I didn’t commit suicide. Later this month, I’m dedicating a post in his memory and looking at my first year without him.
  2. My hero, my nan. Losing her so early in my life hurt and has always left me asking what would she say about what I’ve done if she was hear today.

Future topics aside, I’ve spoken to a few bloggers who shared their worry about sharing personal posts, and I want to let you all know it’s OK! It’s OK to let the world to see your vulnerable side, as I always say…

One blog post could be a massive influence in helping people share their story.


When I was playing a round of mini-golf the other week, it made me realise the similarities between clicking publish and aiming for a hole in one.



When you have the idea, you’re one step towards clicking publish, but the moment you begin to over-think, you’re more than 2 shots away from the hole.


I think this hole pretty much explains the situation.

IMAG3479 (1)

Thing is, going backwards is never a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to take more steps, to learn more about you and to learn how to make the process of clicking publish easier for you.

I still find it hard at times going through the emotions when writing a personal post, as I know I’ll have to re-live the experiences in my mind. By over-thinking the process, we’re not helping ourselves. We’re not helping ourselves as we let the emotions take over.

Sharing certain parts of my life can take me a little while longer to get the content out, but my approach is to sit there and just type.

Type what comes to mind and keep typing.


I’ve found that by typing what first comes to mind, beautiful aspects of strong, resilient John appears and I understand I’m a much stronger person that I thought.

If you are wanting to share a personal experience with the world, you’re an amazing person. You didn’t have to come up with the idea for the post, but you did! You came up with the idea, wanting to help others, and yet you’re the only person stopping you from clicking publish.

Forget the people who may judge and use your past to help others with their future. Click publish and help yourself to overcome the barrier of self-belief. That’s what I put it down to.


You know you have a story. You know people will relate, but being scared of showing your vulnerable side is stopping any form of progression.

Unless we overcome our fears, we’re filling our lives with barriers. Barriers that we can overcome and we can turn them into opportunities.

Personal posts are an opportunity for readers to relate to the blogger behind the scenes and by connecting to our readers, relevance increases and the unknown decreases.

Go for it….aim for a hole in one!


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