It’s OK to be new to blogging

Starting something new is a daunting task, yet very exciting. More and more people are joining the blogging world on a daily basis, and when I notice someone is new, I send them a message welcoming them to the blogosphere.



Do you remember when you first started blogging? The main part I remember is not knowing about the online community. I felt I was on my own with no-one else in life sharing their story to the world and I felt isolated. I kept producing content with nothing really else happening.


I was unaware of the community that was straight in front of my eyes, and WOW do I wish I knew about it sooner?!

The community has progressed since I first started; more people are wanting to get involved for various reasons, and if like me, you feel isolated, it’s OK! It’s OK to be isolated at first, as blogging takes time. The community is amazing for the support it shows, but the only way people will know about your blog is by putting yourself out there.

By putting yourself out there, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be heard. Whether it’s 1 person, 10 or 10,000, taking yourself out of your comfort zone helps to get the ball rolling.


When you’re new, just thinking about the unknown can be scary. It can be bloody exciting too! Being new in a community so large, you can feel like the small person. You can feel like no-one else will care, and your blog will go into the caves like so many others have.


You have to think positive. You have to believe that you’re doing the right thing. Blogging is a learning curve and even us bloggers who’ve been doing it for a few years still have a lot to learn. The truth is without the community, many of us would feel isolated. Many of us would question why we’re blogging.


As we’re all learning, there’s a space for everyone. Everyone is welcome in the blogging world, and if you’re new, WELCOME!! Welcome to the blogging world and know you should be proud for not only creating your social media channels, but for coming up with the idea in the first place.


Yes, we’re bloggers, but no-one told us to be. No-one told us that we should spend countless hours creating content, jotting down notes, taking photos, but we are.

We are doing incredible things sharing our stories, life experiences and our thoughts to the world and really…we’re all in the same boat.

Some people have a larger following, a larger presence, but that doesn’t make them any better than someone that’s new. Being new is fricking awesome! Being an experienced blogger is fricking awesome! Having 50,000 followers is fricking awesome!



We’re all holding on tight waiting for the next brand collaboration or the next big blog post to appear, but rather than doing that on our own, how about we hold hands? How about we unite and support one another regardless of someone’s following, who someone’s worked with or how someone is seen in the media?

Community means welcoming everyone regardless of who they are, their background or what they do, so next time you notice someone’s new to blogging or someone mentions in a chat, reach out to them. Create a memory with them and let them know they’re not alone.

We’ve all been new to blogging!


8 thoughts on “It’s OK to be new to blogging

  1. This is incredible. So true and supporting. The blogging community is one of my favourite things about blogging which I never expected when I started out because like so many I didn’t know it existed!

    Chloe x


  2. Ah this post was so positive and made me so happy – I especially like the part where you said we’re bloggers but nobody told us to be – we do it for us 🙂 one thing I love about this new hobby I’ve discovered is how easy it feels to claim being a blogger from the beginning. With other things (running, photography etc) I feel like I need to reach a certain standard before I can say “I’m a runner/photographer/writer”. But with blogging – I’m just doing it 🙂


  3. I wrote a blog for three years and abandoned it largely for this reason – I never did find the community and I got tired of feeling ‘alone’. A few months into starting my current blog (because I realized I missed blogging) I stumbled across a Twitter chat and that quickly opened my eyes to a whole new side of the blogging experience. I am so grateful for everyone that I have been able to connect with since that day! The community is great, an super supportive, if you just take the steps to become involved and welcome these people into your life!

    Britt |


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