Why I’m taking time out…

For a little while, I’m going to be a hit and miss on social media. I’ve gotten to a stage where a lot is happening. A lot is happening, where I now have to make decisions about what’s the best way to spend my time.

When I shared a tweet last night about my 4 – 6 week no blog chat experiment, I’m really saying I need time out. I need to make more time to look after myself, I need to make more time to figure things out and I need to be better with my time.


2017 has been absolutely incredible! I’ve reached most of my year goals already, have successfully took my volunteering and personal journey to the next level and I’m starting to plan for the future. This is where I need time.


In 2018, I’m taking my journey in a new direction. I’ll still be running John’s Road to Volunteering as normal, but most of my days won’t be spent sat down behind a computer like I currently am.

My diary is starting to become busy and most days I’m in a different city or a different part of Southampton either in meetings, sorting out collaborations or I’m planning the next step.

Many of you know that I am wanting to raise £1 million for charity. I’m on a mission to say thank you to the voluntary sector, but also specifically charities whom have impacted my personal life.

I can’t do everything, so I have to take time out to figure out how I’m going to do this.


I need to take steps back to take leaps forward.


I have to question why I do what I do and why I’m planning certain things for the future. I have to break myself down a bit to build myself back up. It’s a strange way how I work, but it works.

I know I’m going to raise £1 million and I know I’m not going to stop after. Once I see impact, I want more and that’s just my way of letting people know you’re the only barrier in life. I don’t want to be a barrier! I want my life to be an opportunity!


I want to take John’s Road to Volunteering around the world. I want to share my personal story in person more often, bringing out my emotions as a I talk and how every emotion is a representation of success.

I never expected to be where I am, I always thought it was a fairytale, but I’m living the dream. I’m doing what I love and I have so much more to give.


I’ll be sat there, well probably puffing away as I lay down, knowing what I’ve done for people. Knowing that I will leave a legacy not only through the fundraising, but through telling my story.

That’s my goal!

I want John’s Road to Volunteering to not leave an impact, but a legacy. I want to know that when the time happens and I pass away that I’ve done everything I can for others. The only way that’s going to work is taking time to reflect. Taking time to assess. Taking time to plan. Taking time out.

So, if you don’t see me online or you’re wondering what I’m up to, know I’m planning something special. Know that I’m trying to understand what I need to do to raise the £1 million.

As always, thank you all. I wouldn’t be doing this if people didn’t respond to my story. It’s because of everyone that reads my blog and have been part of my journey, that I’ve built the confidence to challenge myself. The challenge that I see as an opportunity and an opportunity where I can make a difference.

Funny thing is…I always achieve what I set my heart on.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m taking time out…

  1. It’s important to take care of yourself, you can’t give from an empty cup! We all hit that stage in our life where we have to stop, step back and reevaluate to decide what comes next – its exciting because it means you’re moving forward and on track to your goals! Congrats!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/


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