My view on the blogging ‘community’

This so-called ‘community’ we talk about in blogging, where is it? What’s happened to it?

Part of the reason I took a break was due to the boredom of seeing the daily drama scattered across the blogosphere and how childish some of the shaming, finger pointing and belittling has become.

I hold my hands up when I say I don’t always agree with other people’s tweets, but that doesn’t mean I have to tweet them, call them out and shame them on my feed. What’s wrong with having a different opinion to the one you have?

What’s happened to embracing diversity and highlighting the importance of freedom of speech?

Drama happens as people want attention. That’s my view anyway. (Yes, you can have a different opinion! You’re allowed!) The attention seekers seem to have knowledge on giving people something to talk about, and yet where does it get them?



The school playground

Someone sent me a text the other day showing the childish behaviour on Twitter, and I laughed. Last time I checked, I was an adult, not a child in the school playground. Childish behaviour gets people talking, and brings people to your profile and conversations within the bitchiness, but what’s the benefit to all of this?


Blocking wish-list

Anyone that causes drama tends to be blocked by myself, and I’m sure by many more. Why do you want to put yourself in a situation where people have to block you, as you moan, moan, moan? Did I say MOAN?


Shut up and move on

Acting like an adult and brushing off what we see/hear, we’re not giving the attention seekers what they want. Carry on with life and do your thing. Move on from that one tweet you saw, wash away the negativity and show your open to letting others be themselves.


Don’t change someone

When you see someone’s tweet it can be hard to let it go, but don’t tweet them saying they’re wrong! You won’t change their opinion on something, and you certainly won’t change who they are. You’ll just cause more drama than what’s needed.


Embrace diversity by accepting one’s opinion is different to yours

Just like the school playground, not everyone will get along. That’s just part the parcel of life. We don’t need to respond to someone’s tweet, but we decide to. We have a choice in responding to one’s opinion, and yet that doesn’t show us embracing diversity?

We need to accept that people will have a different opinion to us, and that’s what being a community involves. The so-called ‘community’ is there, but by disagreeing and causing drama, it’s putting a bad light on the appearance of blogging to others and the impact it’ll have will only be negative.

So…next time you see a tweet, a blog post etc you don’t agree with, think before you comment or share. It might just save the community a lot of hassle!


5 thoughts on “My view on the blogging ‘community’

  1. I loved thisn ive been saying this on my blog- why be so petty about things? No need to tear others down!


  2. Hell yes to this this post! As always on point! I am so so over the pettiness and school kid behaviour. No wonder us bloggers get a bad name and don’t get taken seriously!


  3. Very true John. Problems and drama only arise if we let it and choose to react in a negative way. A mature person would ignore it or brush it off. Like you said It is attention seeking.


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