Community Champions Week 12

When redesigning John’s Road to Volunteering and thinking about the projects to keep and the projects to let go, there wasn’t a moment where I considered letting go of the ‘Community Champions‘ series.

60 incredible bloggers have now been thanked through the series and I have so many more people I want to thank.

This is now the 12th…I DID SAY 12TH ‘COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS’ post and is full of inspiring individuals doing their thing in the blogging world!!


The Heart of Me


Hey I’m from The Heart Of Me. I blog about beauty, lifestyle and anything else that pops into my head. I aim to help my readers whether that is with beauty or life situations and give them a positive spin on topics. I like to give myself confidence when writing online as well as give my readers positive outlooks.

Reasons why The Heart of Me is my hero: The Heart of Me and I connected through a blog chat and instantly hit things off. We hit things off the moment we both realised how awesome one another are (*cheeky I know*) and we’ve been chatting since.

The Heart of Me takes time out of their day regularly to ask how am I, and I LOVE THAT! I love that someone wants to check in on me, to see what I’m up to and that’s the sign of an amazing person.

Thank you for checking up on me, and thank you for being such a sweetheart!




Headshot Apr 17

Hello! I’m Beckie, I’m a sporadic blogger and Instagram addict who wishes there was more time in each day. I not only love to blog about beautiful places, photography, favourite recipes, healthy lifestyles and my gin collection but also about issues that really mean the world to me. I advocate for those with Down’s Syndrome, champion positive mental health, write about politics and also about the Charity sector.  In my day job I am an Events and Community Fundraising Manager for a national charity, a trustee for a charitable trust that supports kids with disabilities access mainstream education, volunteer for my church and am in the Royal Navy Reserves. Phew! No wonder I don’t have enough time to keep up…!

Reasons why Beckie is my hero: Beckie recently guest blogged on John’s Road to Volunteering, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Beckie a few times now (mainly as we’re not far from one another). The one thing about Beckie I love (amongst other things) is her straight to the point attitude towards blogging and the charity sector. Having someone in the community I can relate to when it comes to volunteering really helps me to build upon my confidence, and that’s why I want to thank Beckie.

Beckie, thank you for being an AWESOME person, and for listening me moan about life.





Fashion/Portrait Photographer, Manfrotto Ambassador, Lifestyle blogger and MAHOOSIVE Wanderluster

Reasons why Kaye is my hero: Kaye to me is the blogger I adore; someone who is willing to say what they think and is REAL to the situations around them. I adore Kaye’s photography, and how she brings someone’s personality to life through her images and not only she is an incredible photographer, she’s an awesome human being.

I feel very lucky to speak to Kaye most days, and she has a way of making me smile with any text. Kaye, you’re beautiful inside and out, and thank you for just being you. It teaches me to be who I am.





I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now. I send guys to fight pirates for a living and teach Sea Cadets in my spare time, when I’m not prepping to climb mountains!

This year I’m an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion and my goal is inspire people to find their own adventures! You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds flying abroad, it can be a walk at the weekend or after work. It’s great for your health and you may even discover somewhere new! We are fortunate in the UK to have such beautiful countryside, whether you prefer walking near lakes, mountains or on relatively flat ground (New Forest, I’m looking at you!) there really is something for everyone.

Reasons why Kate is my hero: Announcing my recent 550 mile walk, I reached out to Kate for advice, knowing her experience with adventures, and without hesitation, Kate showed her love and support. That’s the thing about Kate. Kate is a natural beauty and is always there for me when I need someone to speak to, and it’s a glimpse of the diamond Kate is.

Kate’s adventures have made me want to get off my bum and to explore more, and hopefully one day, Kate and I can explore parts of the UK together.





“Hi I’m Ellie, a 20-year-old lifestyle blogger from Hampshire. I first got into blogging in 2013 but having rebranded in January 2017, I feel I have finally found my feet in the blogging community.”

Reasons why Ellie is my hero: Ellie and I connected shortly after her rebrand, and just by looking at her picture, you can see how beautiful she is. Ellie has such a warm personality, and I know there’s always love behind our conversations, and it’s something I cherish.

Knowing I have a friend in Ellie, I’m able to share my inner beauty (after plenty of sleep of course) and know I have someone who is willing to listen to my story and wants the best for me.

That’s the sign of a COMMUNITY CHAMPION!



The Heart of Me, Beckie, Kaye, Kate and Ellie, thank you. I could have written a lot more in today’s post, and that just shows how amazing I think you all are.

You’re all beautiful in your own way inside and out, and know you have a friend in me. Actually a fan in me.

Keep doing the amazing things you’re doing and know there’s always a hug waiting to thank you once more.


‘Community Champions’ is back next week at the same time of 8pm BST with 5 more incredible bloggers being recognised for their love and support.


Disclaimer: All pictures have been supplied by each blogger and is owned by them. 


3 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 12

  1. Wow, this is so cool that you do this! I have never heard of these bloggers before so now I’m going to have to check them out. Something I realized is that they all care deeply about the people they connect with and that is inspiring within itself. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll definitely be back for the next one!

    Nikki O.


  2. I really enjoy the blogger community. They have been such a big help to me. Way to be awesome and honor them. I can’t wait to have time and look through the rest of your blog.


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