The start of the road ahead

Announcing my 550 mile walk fundraiser on Monday (walk is in January), the comments were hilarious! Some people thought I was mad for taking on the challenge, others thought I was an inspiration, and a few questioned how it was possible.


I pride myself in my self-development mind-set and how I see everything as an opportunity to learn, and yes, 550 miles is going to be a challenge, but I’m going to learn so much along the way;

  • Bloggers want to support the event (If you’d like to join me for a small part through your city/town, do let me know) showing how incredible the blogging community can be
  • Sponsorship (The event is going to be sponsored by various brands)
  • Training (How do you plan for an event like this?!)

This is what I wanted to talk about today…THE TRAINING! I will be keeping a diary of my training and how I’m preparing my body and mind-set for the opportunity ahead.

How do you even plan for something like this?

Well, in 2010, I qualified as a personal trainer, working with models, Team GB development athletes and the “average joe”, so I have knowledge around creating programmes, but the opportunity to walk 550 miles is something I don’t necessarily think you can plan for. I will try though!

Good friend and fellow blogger, Kate from Adventures of Kate, suggests I put in the miles. Just like you would for a marathon, a recommendation is putting in the miles at first, and gradually transferring the length into more specific movements and distances.

I’m not doing this though! It’s a good recommendation if you’re doing 1 marathon, but I’ll be travelling around 18 miles a day! Do I walk a few hundred miles as a warm-up? Of course not!

Putting in the miles is something I’ll be doing next week (Thursday 1st June to be precise) and will be walking from Southampton to Winchester (just under 13 miles) to put my feet under pressure.

This is the outline of my training programme…

7 months 3 weeks of training ahead

3 months – General Fitness

2 months – Specific Fitness

2 months – Specific Movements/Distances

3 weeks – Tapering

What this all means will become clearer in time, and I’m sure the above will change in time depending on how I feel the training is going and how my feet are coping with long walks.

Week 1 – 2 total body workouts of 3 sets of 12

Week 1 of training was kept simple. My body best responds to simple concepts inside and outside of the gym, so I decided to stick to what has always worked for me.

Cheeky pre-progamme mirror selfie

Total body workouts are great for hitting every muscle group, combining isolation and complex movements.

Isolation – Hitting one muscle group i.e. Bicep Curl

Complex – Hitting multiple groups across multiple joins i.e. Squats




45-Degree Leg Press – 300kg (2 sets) 320kg (1 set)

Calf Raises (Machine) – 107kg (1 set) 120kg (2 sets)

Underhand Grip Lat Pull Down – 66kg

Cable Crossover – 7.9kg

Kettlebell One Arm Shoulder Press – 14kg

(Superset) Bosu Plank (Hold for 30 seconds) + Kettlebell Side Bend – 20kg

(Superset) Single Leg Mountain Climber + Barbell Good Morning – 15kg

Does my face show how amazing the first workout felt?!

Monday was an amazing day. This is a typical workout I do when I’ve been out of the gym for a bit, and the supersets were an importance, knowing my core endurance will be vital during the walk and throughout the training.



Friday was a bit different, as I was short of time due to meetings, and after getting up 2 ½ hours late *oopsies*, I had to rush a workout, so went for a circuit session.

Circuits – Doing more than 3 exercises back to back with no rest – Rest 1 minute between sets


The calm before the storm

Dumbbell Sumo Squat – 24kg

Dumbbell Renegade Row – 5kg

Kettlebell One Arm Chest Press – 16kg

Plate Frontal Raise – 10kg

Plank to Upright Plank


I might have sweated a bit too much during this workout, and yes, I did have to catch my breath a few times, but I still completed it! This is the resilient mind-set I’m developing with my training programme, as there is no giving up the moment the 550-mile walk begins.

Deciding to do this walk was an easy decision for me, as we are the ONLY BARRIER in life. I’ve had so many people throughout my life tell me “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!”, yet every single time I prove them and myself wrong.


I’m much stronger than I think, and doing this walk isn’t just going to be an amazing experience and memory, it’s only the start of what I have planned!!

I will be keeping track of everything I do, and will be posting on here when I see fit. Until then, I’ll either be self-massaging with a foam roller or sleeping.

Sleeping is also part of my training programme…


Disclaimer: I am no longer a fully-insured personal trainer, so the programme above is only recommended for my own personal use. Please speak to a current qualified and insured personal trainer if you’re looking to improve your general wellbeing.


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