5 Steps to Overcoming Volunteer Fear

If you’re an anxiety-ridden introvert like myself, the thought of traveling outside your comfort zone to spend time in a new location with new people even for the best of reasons can be a bit frightening.  Sure you can sit behind your computer and donate to various charities via the internet but nothing is more fulfilling than putting in real work, interacting with others and seeing smiles on the faces of the people you’re helping.


So what are you to do to overcome your fear of doing things in order to do some good?  Here are five tips to help you lend a hand…

1 | Remember the Reason

Shut down your insecurities by remembering that there are people less fortunate than you who need your help, causes that require increased awareness and lives that can be touched if you’d just get out there and do something.  Ask yourself why you want to volunteer and let that answer outweigh your anxieties.

2 | Envision the Results

Instead of thinking of and fearing the task itself, focus on imagining the outcome.  This can be applied to anything from making a necessary phone call to a night out with friends but especially to volunteering because the results are so positive and so important.  Dwell on what you can potentially deliver to the world and overthink the wonderful possibilities for improvement you can provide.

3 | Ease Into It

Start small and work your way up!  Begin with events like a run/walk for a cause or a local food drive where interaction – and the potential for anxiety – is a little lower.  When your comfort level has grown, take part in something like meal service or delivery, speak at an event or even organize your own.  Baby steps are better than no steps at all!

4 | Humble Yourself

Put quite plainly, volunteering is not about you!  In fact, it’s one of the biggest non-you-centered things you can do.  No one will be judging you or analyzing your actions because you’re all there for the exact same reason – to help someone other than yourselves.  If that’s not an infinitely comforting thought, I don’t know what is!

5 | Make It a Group Activity

If all else fails, take a friend or two or even a few along on your volunteering ventures.  Not only will the familiar faces combat any anxious moments, but you’ll be bringing more helping hands to the project.  Make sure your friends are simply sidekicks not crutches however and make it a priority to participate in volunteer work on your own as well.  Now, grab someone and get out there!

Thank you all for reading and a HUGE thanks to John for allowing me to pen my very first guest post!  I can only hope your readers find some value in it and I’ve helped to further, in a tiny way, the simply amazing work you do.

If you’d like to find out more about Nicky connect with her via Twitter

Disclaimer: The content in today’s post was provided solely for John’s Road to Volunteering and the picture included is owned by Nicky, not myself. 


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