Community Champions Week 13

Giving time to others is a regular activity for me and the love I have for seeing others smile. 3 ½ months into the ‘Community Champions’ series (the longest running series I’ve ever run), the series continues to represent how much I respect, love and adore those in my life and especially those who’ve supported my journey in some way.

The one thing I love about today’s bloggers are they haven’t been doing it for long. It just shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re new or a blogging veteran, everyone deserves recognition for their selfless acts.



Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.22.04 PM.png

I’m Samantha, a blogger who started out talking about life as a university student living 3,000 miles from home in New York City. I decided to continue blogging after Uni and shook things up a bit to blog about all of the other wonderful things I love! I moved to LA to pursue my passion for film (cue the opening number in La La Land) and have hopes of one day writing/directing my own movie. It’s my mission in life to connect with other creative souls and to also make sure I never take anything too seriously — “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

Reasons why Samantha is my hero: When I think about Samantha, I think about an angel. Samantha is stunning inside and out and has a heart of gold, which I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of. Samantha is too far away for my liking and one day, she’ll get a hug off me to say a massive thanks for all the love and support she shows me and John’s Road to Volunteering.

P.S Always happy to be in one of your films 🙂





“Hello!  I’m Sophia, a country girl starting a new life post-university in London and blogging about bits of my world along the way. Blogging has made me a part of such a supportive community, it has allowed me to be creative and indulge in my true passion for writing and has even helped me to secure a job where I can make my passion into my living. If there’s something you love, pursue it and create a life that you love.”

Reasons why Sophia is my hero: Sophia and I connected via a blog chat, and I’m so glad we did. Sophia has such a warm nature, I always feel all fuzzy when she shows me support and it’s something I’m thankful for. Sophia is drop dead gorgeous and the light she shines on the blogging community will continue to be bright.




Hi there! I’m Jackie from Makeup and Beyond, you can guess what I write about. I work full time, fitting blogging in at every free moment I have, as it’s something I love to do. I have always wanted to be a journalist, but I never got the opportunity or took the chance. I created my site, to have somewhere I could write and share my views and opinions on products I have tried and tested. It may be small, but it’s mine and it’s allowed me to live the dream I always wanted. Creating this has given me so much, more than I could have asked for, it’s given me more confidence and even though it’s only something I can do in my spare time, I devote all of that time to it. Living my dream, doing what I love.

Reasons why Jackie is my hero: Jackie reminds me of me…stunning on the outside and a fiery side waiting to burst out from the inside. Jackie is a blessing, knowing she’s always there for me, listening to me rambling on about my latest activity, and that’s what I love about her. Jackie always has the time to chat with me and regularly checks on me to see if I’m OK. If that’s not a ‘Community Champion’ I don’t know what one is?




Hello, I am Keighley. I am a welsh young mummy to one beautiful baby boy. By day, I am a legal secretary and Law student and by night, a very new blogger. I write mostly about motherhood but, I also write about some of my other interests such as makeup, fashion and travel! Let’s just say that I am a ‘bit of everything’ blogger aye.

Reasons why Keighley is my hero: My heart melted when I heard Keighley’s Welsh accent for the first time, and it’s a representation of the amazing mum she is. Keighley’s a tad cheeky, and that’s what I love. I love how Keighley is herself around me and how she’s able to make me smile just by being herself. We definitely need more Keighley’s in the blogging community!





Hi everyone, I’m Jade and I’m 19. I’m a Sociology student at Canterbury Christ Church University and am loving it. My blog is beauty and lifestyle based and even though I’ve only been blogging a little over a month I have felt so welcomed into the blogging community! I love sharing with people the things I love in life.

Reasons why Jade is my hero: WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I don’t think there’s not a word in the English dictionary to describe how amazing Jade is. Jade is such a sweetheart, always making others feel good, that I want the feature in today’s ‘Community Champions’ as a way of saying thank you. Thank you Jade for having such a big heart, and know your beauty is being noticed by myself and others in blogging.



Samantha, Sophia, Jackie, Keighley and Jade are absolutely stunning inside and out, and I’m an incredibly lucky guy to have them in my life.

Think about those in your life who’ve done a selfless act or have quite simply been there for you and say thanks.

Maybe saying thanks will make their day…


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