Let me be me…

I’m fed up with the online world and how apparently there’s certain things in your life you shouldn’t share. When I decided to take John’s Road to Volunteering down a more personal route, more people responded. More people responded, feeling a sense of relevance in my content and how my life stories resonate with theirs or with someone close to them.

I’ve been an emotional wreck this week, dealing with death anniversaries in my family, what would have been my nan’s birthday (will talk about this on Sunday) and a lot more personal things in and outside the voluntary and blogging world.

I understand that sharing parts of your life can be “trolled” and be questioned to the extent you question why someone is thinking such a ridiculous thing, but all I ask is…


I don’t expect to look on Twitter, notice a notification asking me why I’m talking about next year already, because why shouldn’t I share good news? Why shouldn’t I share something that’s happening next year as its relevant RIGHT NOW! My relevance is what I’m thinking, what I’m planning and what I’m experiencing and that does mean mentioning about the future.

My tweets don’t contain every thought about what’s happening around us, where I’ve been for a meal or what I’m up to with fellow bloggers, as most of my life contains some sort of volunteering.

Volunteering has become a significant part of my life and when I shared the news that I will be going into full-time blogging in the new year, I was expecting a congratulation!! Congratulations John!!!!

Not a why are you sharing this tweet?

For flip sake, have we gotten to the point online where we’re becoming so jealous of someone’s success, that we’re trying to be a dick about it? I HAVE WORKED MY ASS OFF TO BE WHERE I AM!!

That’s the truth! I have given my time to a countless number of charities to learn more about the world around us and how I can use my past and turn it into influential content on and off the screen.


I meet charities that wonder why I do what I do, and it’s because I LOVE IT! I love helping others! I love seeing people smile! I love breaking down, remembering the shit that happened, and learning how other people relate.

Other people relate as I write with raw emotion. I wouldn’t swear in a post, if I wouldn’t in person, but I am a foul-mouthed person when you push my buttons. I turn the raw emotions, the ridiculous tweet into productivity, and that’s how I roll.

I roll by sharing my life to the world when I feel the time is right and that’s just me. Sharing my life online is where John’s Road to Volunteering is going and it will be my biggest tool when I go into full-time blogging in January. (Oops, did I just say it?!)


Everyone has a story to tell, and some people might decide they don’t want to share it, but this guy WANTS TO! This guy NEEDS TO! This guy has gotten a response he never dreamt of getting when he started blogging, and more and more people want to know about it. More people want to be a part of it.

If you want to moan about it, go elsewhere! I will keep doing what I’m doing, doing the things I love, speaking about what I feel passionate about, and that means I won’t change because someone is a jealous fuck when it comes to my personal success.

I will shout out about full-time blogging if I want to. I will shout out how I set a world record a few years ago and how I’m planning to break many more in the future to raise funds for charity.

I will do me and you can do you.

*Mic drops*



20 thoughts on “Let me be me…

  1. Ugh I’m so sorry you’ve been made to feel like this. I have too and probably everyone who shares part of themselves online has. People are so judgemental and quick to make an assumption about people. You do you. Tweet about what you want. Celebrate your achievements and those that matter will celebrate with you ❤

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  2. I heard this recently – “You can be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world & there will still be something who doesn’t like peaches” You can please everybody! You’ve been writing and volunteering for a while so why wouldn’t you be happy & speak about your success. If you were working an office job & got a promotion I can’t imagine people would have anything to say! Your authenticity is why your successful, people clearly love the work you do & you’re obviously making a positive impact & a difference. Isn’t that the goal of a blog in the first place!?! Congrats x

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  3. I am shocked that you have had comments like that. Have you been able to block them? I hope so.

    Bless you that you have reached a point where you feel you need to justify yourself. I will continue to enjoy your work and look forward to hearing you news, plans and thoughts.

    Love the mic drops at the end.


  4. Congratulations on making the move to go full time! I think that we live in a society that is SO negative online – if you post complaining about something others are ALL over it, ready to jump on the hate band wagon, but when you share positive news or big goals you find yourself met with the stink eye. I don’t understand it, I will never understand, nor do I want to. What I do know is that we can change it! One person at a time, we can keep doing what we do, encouraging others to do so along the way, and turn the trend around. It may take time, and it may feel like a waste of energy occasionally, but bringing light to those around us is never a waste! Your blog and your story inspire many – keep sharing it, keep being proud, keep pushing yourself and don’t let the haters get you down!

    Britt | http://www.alternativelyspeaking.ca


  5. Love this post! It’s so true, people become afraid to post anything for fear of some ridiculous backlash especially things that you’re proud of!

    You can do whatever you want John, the world is your oyster ☺️


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