Community Champions Week 14

This week has been a pretty shit week for me and then I remembered it was time to prepare tonight’s ‘Community Champions’ post.

The one thing I’ve grown to love in blogging is the community. The community around John’s Road to Volunteering brings such happiness into my life, knowing people are genuinely caring about what I’m doing and making sure I’m happy along the way.

The 5 bloggers featured in tonight’s blog are not just people I believe have impacted my life in some way, but are also being amazing supporters for others too.


Amy Walker


“I am a 19-year-old Scottish blogger over on WordPress. I write about Mental Health, my personal experiences, opinions and whatever else takes my fancy. I want my writing to inspire, motivate and support individuals all over the world.”

Reasons why Amy is my hero: You’d think Amy is  a lucky person being featured on John’s Road to Volunteering for 2 days on the trot, but in reality, Amy deserves every bit of recognition she receives. Amy hasn’t been in blogging long and to already have made an impact on me is a huge statement. Amy is such a caring, beautiful person, that more people need to know who she is, so you can all experience the beauty she radiates.



Amy Victoria


I’m Amy, I’m 25 with a newfound love of beauty and makeup. I am on a mission to perfect the high end look with the drugstore price. I review new and old favourite makeup items and tools, as well as writing makeup tutorials on my looks of the day. I am brand new to the makeup and blogging community, but I already feel it’s a place I can call home.
Reasons why Amy is my hero: When I was down this week, Amy was one of the first people to reach out to me. Amy without hesitation told me to sort myself out (in a caring way of course) and it helped me realise why I blog and volunteer in the first place. I’m an independent person (majority of the time), but when I know I need someone to talk to, Amy is the person to go to. Amy, keep being you and never change! We need more people like you in this world!




As a Mum and a Teacher with an added dimension of having a child with cancer, I write to try to make sense of the world around me, raise awareness and offer support and guidance to those who need it.  I combine running my own educational business, Go Fish Education with daily chemotherapy treatment for my son and trying to keep the ball rolling for my other two children and husband.  Parenting is a tough job and if sharing my ups and downs and ins and outs helps others, then my job is done.  Love writing, love family, love living.

Reasons why Kerry is my hero: Kerry and I first connected through the #BlogHour chat (run by UK Blog Awards) and has been such a great friend since. Kerry is such a role model for things she’s going through in her personal life, and for me, one day, whenever it may be, I wish I’m a great parent like she is. Kerry, you’re doing an awesome job. Thank you for sharing your life with us and for being an exceptional inspiration to parents across the blogosphere.




Izzy currently lives in Southampton, along with her fiancee and two guinea pigs. Other than blogging, her interests consist of beauty, fashion, baking, photography, music, crafts, films and anything that relates to vintage, boho and rockabilly of the 1920s right up until the 1980s. If she’s not found at work, blogging or fulfilling one of her other interests, she can quite often be found out on travel adventures either locally, all over the country or ocasionally abroad. Just Belle is primarily a lifestyle blog that also focuses on Izzy’s interests of beauty, fashion, travel lifestyle and more recently food.
Reasons why Izzy is my hero: When Izzy and I met recently, I think the word friendship appeared in an instant. No awkward silences (not even when I told a bald joke!), just laughter and great company. Izzy’s smile represents the personality she has; warm, kind, and is a constant reminder as to why I blogged in the first place. I want my smile to be someone else’s joy and that’s how I felt when I meet Izzy.




My Sweet Anxiety is my personal blog dedicated to Mental Health, Wellbeing and a little Lifestyle thrown into the mix. I created my blog as a release for my thoughts & feelings through my struggle with Anxiety & Depression. My main goal however is to help those who suffer with their own mental health, in any way that I can.

Reasons why Gemma is my hero: Selfless, inspirational, a role model to the entire blogosphere. What I love about Gemma is how she’s using her personal mental health story to help others find their light. GEMMA IS THAT LIGHT! I believe when I told my mental health story for the first time, it was because of communities like the one she’s created, giving me the strength to open up. Think for one second…opening up has now supported more people to tell their story. Gemma, that’s the impact you’re making with your inner and outer beauty!



Today’s bloggers are undervalued for their incredible impact in the blogosphere, and I hope by featuring them in the ‘Community Champions’ series, you’ll grow to love them just like I have.

Amy, Amy, Kerry, Izzy and Gemma, never change who you are! You’re a blessing to us all, and I know how extremely lucky I am to have you all part of my journey!


4 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 14

  1. That’s unfortunate that you’ve had a shit week.. I hope next week is better for you! Thanks for sharing this post it’s great your shouting out bloggers that have made a difference in your life.. They all sound lovely thank you for giving me new bloggers to check out



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