Be proud to call yourself a blogger

I don’t think celebrating what bloggers do gets enough attention. Celebrating success is normally when someone has reached a follower milestone or when they work with a certain brand, yet celebration should happen all the time, many for the simplest of reasons.


Well done everyone for starting a blog! When we have the buzz telling us to create a blog for reasons only we know at first, no-one says well done! Well done for making the decision to start a blog and for starting your journey to producing quality content!


Signing up happens quite swiftly after the idea to create a blog comes to mind, and then we’re faced with the ‘crap, what do I do’ feeling. Every action in blogging should be congratulated and that also means self-congratulating.


Deciding on the first blog post is a tough decision and one that we believe sets us off for the future. I’m not sure I remember my first blog post, and even though I don’t have it saved anywhere, I’m also thankful I don’t.


Just like any other post you write, it’s a representation of who you are at the time. Content changes, along with our passions, and I’ve seen John’s Road to Volunteering expand from a solely-focused volunteering blog to a more personal blog, as pointed out in yesterday’s ‘the life of a personal blogger’ post.


Grabbing our notepads with one hand and another picking up a pen, we take the time out to figure out where to take the blog, what content we want to produce and the time we need to set out specifically for that piece of content.


We should be celebrating the time it takes to run a blog; writing the content, taking photographs, sending emails, creating disclaimers and the promotion needed to get our voice heard.

Blogging is a long process and can be draining at times, and only something we as bloggers will know. Only we understand the time it takes to run a blog, so why aren’t we celebrating it? Celebrating it ourselves and celebrating it as a community?


Celebrating one’s success doesn’t have to be down to numbers or who we work with. Celebrating is an individual acknowledgement, just like embracing individuality. Some might look at ‘niches’ and ‘groups’ as success, but we are still individuals. We still have individual goals for our blogs, individual content, and an individual voice.


Individual voice could be in the form of a tweet, a blog post, or a picture, and it’s a representation of who we are, and what we’re all about. Individuality should be cherished in blogging and when someone has used their voice, it should be celebrated.

Using your voice is an opportunity to self-educate and a great way of figuring out direction in our life and in our content, and just like the time it takes to produce the content, it also takes time to learn.


I would have never produced this kind of content when I first started John’s Road to Volunteering, yet I took the time out to put effort into developing what you can and can’t see, and that in itself is recognition.

Today’s post has been recognition for everyone in blogging, and an example of how we can use our content to celebrate our actions, the actions of others and the actions of the community as a whole.

Well done everyone again for what you do, and know someone out there will be congratulating you too!



31 thoughts on “Be proud to call yourself a blogger

  1. Love this John, we really do need to start praising each other more just for blogging and the hard work that goes into it. Instead of only celebrating those milestones!


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  2. I am still in the phase where I am not confident enough telling people that I blog. Some people I know have found out but I keep it quite private. Because I do this I don’t celebrate enough reaching milestones with my blog because I don’t talk to people in my life about it. Apart from the online community, I express myself in the blogosphere, the support is great.
    Great read,
    Lois x

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  3. It’s only since the start of this year that I could tell people that I had a blog – and I’ve been blogging for over 6 years! I just had the feeling that whenever I labelled myself as a blogger people would get really judgemental and think that I’m not a hard-worker but that’s so not true. Blogging is hard! But I love it. I wish I could celebrate my “successes” a bit more!

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  4. Thank you for the well done. I have been lost in the SEO. Grow your followers. Make sure you have email subscribers. Rather than just enjoying what I am doing. I agree about it being draining. Like any writing role. Blocks and loss of inspiration are common problems. Lovely post as always.

    Sarah 🦋

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  5. I am a relatively new blogger and intermittent in my posts – i certainly need to do more research, planning and learn more about how to get my blog off the ground. For one i don’t plan… oops. I also don’t email anyone about my blog – somehow it never occurred to me!

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  6. This is an amazing read! You are so right when saying that as bloggers we should take time to celebrate what we do more.
    I’m only on my second post and reading this has made me proud to say that.
    Thank you!

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  7. I was always worried about telling people that I have a blog but lately I am not only inviting my friends to read it but I also do mention my blog in my cv. We do a lot of work. Writing, photography, some basic coding, marketing, pr… i am not saying we are professionals in any of those areas but we definitely have valuable experiences 🙂

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  8. I love this post! I do find it weird sometimes to call myself a blogger, but I have worked so hard on my blog that you would think I deserve to give myself that name. Lovely confidence post!

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  9. Such a lovely post!
    I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now, still seems strange calling myself a blogger but I’m really enjoying it!

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