Community Champions Week 15

5 incredible bloggers, 5 thank you’s and a lot of love to share.

It’s the small things that matter to me, and the random acts of kindness many people wouldn’t class as a champion action, is the focus of today’s post.



About-Me-v3 digitalfluidity

As far back as I can remember, I have been inspired by design and have always expressed myself creatively in some shape or form. A background in graphic and fashion, colour, shape, art and photography has featured a very large part of my everyday life.. From capturing the moments of a day with my camera to travelling and styling my home.

Reasons why Heather is my hero: Heather is one of the most approachable people I’ve met in blogging. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Blogosphere Cover Reveal (Issue 12) and instantly hit things off. We hit things off, as Heather has one of those personalities we all need in our lives. Only thing is there’s only one Heather! Heather’s individuality shines the moment you talk to her and you instantly understand what a real community person is all about.





Eppie writes a fun, young London lifestyle and travel blog at, immersing readers in unmissable experiences through personal memoirs and a touch of honest wittiness. Her eye for creative photography and beautiful storytelling transport you to a whole new destination with each post, from coming face to face with wildebeest in Botswana to simply indulging in a theatrical botanical cocktail at one of London’s quirkiest bars. She’s recently been nominated for Travel Blogger of the Year by Blogosphere Magazine, which she celebrated with more than one bottomless brunch followed by a lot of bacon.

Reasons why Eppie is my hero: Eppie’s blog is just GOALS!! As someone who is about to go on his travels across the UK, and abroad in the future, Eppie’s blog is a symbol of who she is. The creative photography isn’t just eye-catching, it’s a representation into the creative person behind the scenes and the glorious person spreading love and joy across the blogging world! My Blogosphere Magazine nomination has definitely gone to this beauty!





My names Abbie, the girl behind A FabABulous Life. Alongside running my Lifestyle and Travel blog, I’m also a student studying Chinese, and currently living life on the other side of the world in Shanghai, China. I started my blog to share experiences, thoughts and advice, and just let it be a place people come to read about things they are passionate about.

Reasons why Abigail is my hero: One chat is all it takes to understand the amazing individual that is Abigail. Abigail is one of those people you just love from the moment you chat, as behind the travel blog is a warm, gentle soul, waiting to spread love and positivity into your life. I haven’t told Abigail yet, that I was offered a role in China!





I’m 18, a blogger from north east England wanting to share my passion for all things beauty and lifestyle with everyone! I want at least one person to take something away from my posts, weather that be motivation, inspiration or just plain happiness.

Reasons why Niamh is my hero: I remember when I guest blogged for Niamh quite a while ago now, and by getting to share my life with her audience, I started to see what a beautiful Niamh is inside and out. Niamh is one of those people who wants others to know they’re loved, and Niamh, you have a fan right here. Your warm embrace is felt by many and keep what you’re doing as I predict a big future for you and your blog.





I’m Samantha and I’m an half Italian, half Brazilian blogger. I like to say that I’m a Phoenix, a lion and a panda. I rise from my ashes and I always try to find the positive sides of my misfortunes; I’m strong and I fight with passion for my opinions, my rights and the people I love; and I’m also a lazy food lover. I try to convey all these things through my blog posts and my creativity, spreading positive vibes to my readers.

Reasons why Samantha is my hero: Samantha has been one of my longest friends in blogging, and despite her break recently, when she returned, it was like nothing had changed. When I mentioned to her that she was going to receive a Christmas card from me last year, she was shocked. It doesn’t matter how many miles are between Samantha and I, as we’ve always got each others’ back, and we’re there for one another when we need it. Samantha’s one of the most beautiful people I know, not just because of her stunning exterior, but the heart of an angel I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.



I look at all featured in today’s post, and I know how incredibly lucky I am to have them all in my life. Each have supported me in different ways, and the future is bright knowing each of them will be by my side.

Community Champions is back next week at the same time, with 5 more incredible bloggers being thanked.






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