Where would I be without my friends?

I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without the support from my friends, all of the blog’s supporters and anyone with a love for volunteering, blogging and self-development.

Pretty much a loner when I started out on the blogging scene, I was unaware of the impact the unknown community would have on my life and my journey. The blogging community was unknown to me, as I just produced content and didn’t do much looking into my surroundings.


The surroundings were closed and no-one appeared. It didn’t appear as by not knowing about the online blogging community, how would I have known about it? (I think I confused myself with that sentence!)

When I did find the community, and I can’t remember how I did, things changed. Things changed as confidence grew in networking with others. Essentially, bloggers are incredible networkers. We start finding new blogs as a fan. We’re a fan of someone’s content and in some cases, friendships blossom.

Friendships blossom with regular conversation not only about blogging, but general life. General life shows how many of us relate much deeper to one another’s story, and many of my friends have volunteered in some way.

Many friends relate to my story in some way or vice versa, and it gives a better understanding into the behind the scenes of blogging. The behind the scenes of blogging generally is content that never makes it onto the blog, and its content only friends will know.

Close content in my life for me covers dating and relationships, well, that is pretty much it. My dating life is off the cards, as it’s not just me. It’s not just me sharing my life, but someone else is also part of it. Yes, I did date a blogger, but I never discussed it on the blog. It wasn’t relevant to my story, and my friends understood this.

I speak so often to my friends about my content, and sometimes I make them cry, other times make them laugh, and other times they ask why I’m producing that kind of content. Just like my ‘I love who I am’ post the other day, some friends asked why I was creating that specific piece.

I blog for relevance. I blog to basically share my life as if I was live-tweeting. Live-tweeting is a way to keep people with you with everything you do, and the moment you click ‘tweet’ is the moment someone is with you on that experience. It’s what I strive for on John’s Road to Volunteering. I strive to blog about things when they happen in my life, as I love writing with emotion.

I love writing when my emotions are flaring up, as I do have a big mouth. I have a big mouth that won’t shut until I get something off my chest.

That something wouldn’t be coming out without my friendship circle. I wouldn’t have anyone to turn to, to get their opinion on a specific post, and that’s why I believe John’s Road to Volunteering isn’t just my journey.

John’s Road to Volunteering is the community’s journey with my experiences at the centre. The centre that expands bringing in people who relate, and their story then creates a ripple effect.


Many of my friends have now guest blogged, been part of the ‘Community Champions’ series or have been mentioned in a post. I’ve never been someone who likes loads of friends, as I like to keep it close. I like to keep my friendship circle tight, so I can trust others.

I trust people so often, that yes, it does get me into trouble. It gets me into trouble, but I like it! When asked by a charity the other day which one of their 3 values do I match, it was…

Pushing the boundaries.

I would not be pushing the boundaries without the love and I support I have from my friends, and that’s why I’m so thankful for blogging existing.

Without my blogging friends, I truly believe I wouldn’t have kept blogging. I believe I would have dropped out early on and never looked back.

I can now look forward with amazing friends around me, knowing the challenges I have ahead will have their support and that’s why I’m so glad to be called a blogger.

Making an impact is undeniably why I blog, but the real impact in my experience is the friendships I’ve formed through blogging.


10 thoughts on “Where would I be without my friends?

  1. I completely agree with you! The blogging community is so supportive and there are so many kind hearted and wonderful people to share your lives with.

    I love the fact that you compare your blog to live tweeting! It makes it seem so much more personal and insightful!

    Gemma x | hiddenlittlegem.com

    Liked by 1 person

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