Blogging is my light

Sharing my story can be, at times, a very daunting aspect. I’m openly speaking about my life with no boundaries for the world to see, yet there’s a light beaming down on me every time I type.

Sitting here writing today’s post, I went into my own little bubble. OK, a rather large bubble, as I’m not the smallest of people, but it’s still a bubble. A bubble, where I block out everything around me, and I just pour my heart out into every post.

I’m a talker. Anyone that knows me will agree. I REALLY could talk for England! Yet, I was never this open. I was an individual who’d keep himself to himself, and ensured nobody had a way to judge me, yet I now run a blog. A blog that’s soon to be my full-time job.

Things change. People change. Blogging has helped this change.


If I had never started John’s Road to Volunteering, I don’t think I would have shared my personal story. I don’t think I would have spoken up about my childhood mental health.

Blogging is a way where I can be me. Yes, there’ll be dicks lurking around, waiting to troll the heck out of my content, but that doesn’t change the quality of my content. The quality of my content is unique to me and John’s Road to Volunteering focus is on my personal story; you can’t really troll that. They can try if they like, but they won’t make an impact, as the impact is the outcome of my actions.The outcome that saw me share my mental health story and the weight lifted off my shoulders.


Blogging helped me. Volunteering helped me. ALL of you helped me.

The light that is blogging opens pathways for people to share their story and in a way they want. Blogging has taught me so much about myself; many I never considered. I never considered telling my mental health story, and I certainly didn’t anticipate I’d be sharing to people around the world.




People will continue to shy away from the truth, if there’s no door being opened for them. Some people won’t create that door themselves, so they need the support of another person. Support that could be a blog post like this, where people feel inspired to share their story and in a matter of days, weeks, months, they do.

The light in blogging isn’t the platform to share one’s story, but the stories that are being told. Bloggers are what makes blogging what it is today, and having those around you who love and adore you, the light shines bright.


It shines bright leading you into a life full of happiness, leaving any potential regret to one side.

I don’t regret sharing my personal story to the world, and I never will, as I know with each blog post, I’m helping someone. The light you all beam on my life is being beamed on another person’s life and that’s just beautiful!

The light is beautiful, as we’re shining bright together!



22 thoughts on “Blogging is my light

  1. Great post John! Love that blogging has given you the chance to tell your story and boost your confidence. Very grateful I’ve had the honour of speaking to you! Xx

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  2. Well done on opening up. I always find it daunting being open but it produces some great writing. And ignore the trolls always they are nobody and lashing out for their own failings in life

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  3. I think people appreciate honesty like this in blog posts, I know I do. It makes the story more relatable. My blog is like my therapy to me so I know what you mean when you say blogging is your light.

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  4. This is an amazing post. Made me realise how much I have also changed from that once quiet 10 year old to the motor mouth 21 year old I am now. I am glad that you have found your calling and I’m also glad you have been able to open up like to do. Xx

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  5. I love this post, it’s so great to see what blogging has done for other people and how much it helps the blogger in life, not just the reader! Reading this made me think about how much more confident in being myself I have become since starting my blog almost 4 years ago. I’m so happy for you and your blog!

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