The mental challenge has already begun…

I want to be honest in this post. I’m struggling mentally with the fact my body is currently being put under pressure.

When I decided to do my walk in January, I knew within the 30 days, I’ll be going through so many emotions, and why my mental strength will be more important than my physical endurance.

How do you walk over 500 miles? How do you put your feet through the strain of walking when all you want to do is rest?

The longest I’ve ever walked/ran was the half marathon a few weeks ago. Walking from Southampton to Winchester, I understood a part of the mental strength and endurance I’m going to need.


The first half of the walk was flat and the second half was hill, after hill, after another hill.


This is why I decided to do the challenge in the first place. I’ve been training for muscular strength over the last few years, and have seen significant changes in my body. That body is now being put under strain, where I’m turning into the opposite of a sprinter.

I’d run sprints after sprints growing up, jumping and bounding in training, Olympic Lifting when I could, and I’m now walking, after walking and training my muscles to last long periods of time.

I’m training to become an endurance athlete and it’s mentally draining. I don’t like the physical stature of an endurance athlete, yet this isn’t for me. The reason I’m doing the challenge/s is for others and to become the next level John Sennett.

To train, I’m putting my mind under constant strain by not stretching after a workout to push my muscles to point of injury, eating slightly less on certain days as I don’t know how much food I’m going to have throughout the challenge, and constantly telling myself I won’t be able to complete it.






I have to go through periods of self-doubt, as that’s what puts me on top of the hill. I constantly have to wonder why I’m doing it, so when I sit down and question my intentions, the reasons why become the main priority for my mind.

So many people I meet are now asking about the challenge, where I’ll be walking and whether or not I’ll struggle. I think the last part is pretty much going to happen after the first day, but that’s part of the whole reason for me doing it.

I want to write with complete honesty, film moments throughout the day to give you a personal look into the struggles I’ll face, and tell you it’s not easy. Too many people these days hide away from the truth and say things in life are easy, but they’re not!



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