Who “am I” to charities?

“Oh hey! You’re that guy who runs that blog! The volunteering one, right?!”

This is now happening more than ever with charities recognising who I am without even a mention of John’s Road to Volunteering.

John’s Road to Volunteering has become an online persona, taking over the guy who creates the content behind the scenes. I’ve been in many meetings of late, with many pointing out they’ve read my blog, even before I mention it.

The email signature I have is capturing people’s attentions to what a ‘world-leading voluntary sector blog’ looks like and what the intentions of the blog are.

John’s Road to Volunteering has caught so much attention, I don’t know if people are now excited to meet me or the person producing the content.

Am I John Sennett or am I John’s Road to Volunteering?


I’ve had this discussion plenty of times with friends and professional friends, and many people believe it’s hard for me to hide away from the fact John’s Road to Volunteering is a success. Not many people in 2 ½ years can develop a blog to have a voice on a global scale and to have publicity greater than many charities have with 50 year’s experience.

I can’t hide away from the fact John’s Road to Volunteering is leading the way, but I feel who I am as a person is being forgotten about. John Sennett is being swallowed in a dark hole, whilst John’s Road to Volunteering is on top of the mountain, with charities of all sizes wanting to collaborate.

In the time John’s Road to Volunteering has grown, I’ve teamed up with some incredible charities and brands, amplifying their message by using my own personal story to tell others about their core values.

Recently, joining a very-well known charity, it was pointed out ‘I push the boundaries’. It’s true!! I push the boundaries by doing what no-one else is willing to do as a volunteer…TO SPEAK UP!!



No-one is sharing their personal story in such depth, and to me that’s what’s worked for John’s Road to Volunteering. John’s Road to Volunteering is a representation of the story of John Sennett, and it’s the outcome of sharing the story, charities respond to.

How has this guy created this? How has this guy got such a big voice in such a big sector in such a short period of time?


Whilst other volunteers are giving their time and going home to put their feet up, I’m looking at what can be done next in my life to amplify what’s already been amplified, and how I can use this to benefit the charities I help and benefit me.

I’m still human! I still want to learn! It doesn’t matter how many charities I’ve supported in my time, I still want to learn and continue growing. I want to be put in situations I don’t feel comfortable in, so I can become a better person. So, I can be a better advocate for charities and volunteering as a whole.


I need to understand what’s happening in the sector to be able to tell stories. To tell stories of experiences I’ve had, of secret spy missions I’ve been on identifying gaps in the sector and how we can use current trends to get the word out there, and that means to accept how people see me.

I don’t necessarily like being known as John’s Road to Volunteering, but what can you do? I have to accept I run a successful blog and the impact it has had.

I might not have 10’s of thousands of followers like big name bloggers have, but what I do have is a voice. A voice that’s being heard and people are responding.

At heart, I’m still a guy who loves what he does for others and in my mind, I’m the guy who writes John’s Road to Volunteering. It’s not easy balancing it out, but what I do accept is the fact I’m helping others. That’s why I do what I do, and the large quantities I do them in.

Volunteers need to speak up more, and if John Sennett or John’s Road to Volunteering is giving them inspiration to do so, then I’ve done my job.

I want to show it’s OK to open up about your volunteering experiences; whether good or bad, and it’s OK to open up about your life. Since opening up, more people have been helped and the story of John Sennett lives on.


Only thing is…the story of JOHN SENNETT has only just begun!!!



3 thoughts on “Who “am I” to charities?

  1. The Internet has given has a way to share so much – from our views and beliefs to our experiences, all available to anyone who has an interest in reading them. You have done such a great job of harnessing this opportunity to share your experiences on a topic that doesn’t garner nearly as much attention as it should. Congratulations on the well-deserved success thus far, I’m excited to see what is to come!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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