The future of John’s Road to Volunteering

Making decisions is never going to be easy, especially when it impacts everything you do, and you know they’re not going to be a popular decision.

I’m ever so proud of what I’ve accomplished with John’s Road to Volunteering since launching in September 2014, and it’s time for a bit of a branding focus.

A branding focus gives me more direction with the blog and helps me to decide what kind of content to upload, and what I think isn’t best for the brand name.

I’m talking about branding as with discussions with potential sponsors underway ahead of a 2018 packed with challenges, I need to think strategically. I need to think about what the sponsors would want and how I tie in my wants from my blog with their wants.


Sponsors are essentially a collaboration where both parties benefit, and in my case, it’s the third party that’ll benefit most. The year of opportunities (not challenges) are a way for me to increase corporate donations by using my personal story and things I may have faced at some point in my life.

For a donation to take place, I need to be relevant and I need to showcase my USL wherever and whenever I can. A USL if you don’t know is your unique selling point. My USL is my personal story and how I’m using my past to influence the future.


No-one is going to have the same USL as me. The USL is essentially my voice and the actions I put forward from my thoughts, opinions and ideas.

The ‘Community Champions’ series has been my favourite series to date, and it’s been incredible recognising those who support John’s Road to Volunteering by uploading a few soppy thank you messages every week.

‘Community Champions’ isn’t part of the USL though. Neither are guest blogs.


Sponsors want to hear from the guy who’s name is in the blog’s title…”JOHN’s” Road to Volunteering.

The ONE goal, that ONE journey, that ONE man is on. That ONE man is ME! The tagline is ME. The blog is ME. The blog is a representation of my personal story, and it needs to focus on that.

It’s not going to be a popular decision, especially those who see John’s Road to Volunteering as a community blog, but things have to change for progression to happen. Adaptions of the community mind-set need to happen for the business side of things to reach its potential.

This will be my job in the New Year and I need to start acting like it is. I need to start playing around with things to get it just right, ready for the biggest event to date.

An event that yes, will include a mixture of blogs and vlogs, but an event, that’ll push my dedication to the voluntary sector to the MAX!

Just like how August 13th will put my love to the MAX! A love I have for blogging and a love I have for embracing diversity.

August 13th is the LAUNCH of the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign with a very exciting collaborative video being created next month in London ready for launch date.

#ILiveItIBlogIt (1).png

That’s all I’m saying about the campaign for now, but know that everything I do has to be right for me. Everything I do has to show my love for things in life in a way that best suits me. By focusing solely on my personal story, I’m giving you, the readers what you want.

People want to hear my personal story, and I want to share it too! It’s been great having guest bloggers for the last few years share their stories on John’s Road to Volunteering, but it’s time for a focus…

A focus on John Sennett and the life he lives and how he plans to share more of his dark past to shine light on those around him.

I hope you understand?


3 thoughts on “The future of John’s Road to Volunteering

  1. Ofcourse we understand John! As lovely as it was being given the opportunity to guest blog on your site & reading your community champion blogs at the end of the day you have to do what allows you to grow your blog in the direction YOU want to take it in, its your story at the end of the day & everyone should understand that you’re doing whats best for you! & thats what we all need to do, focus on ourselves & do whats best for us on a journey.. if all that makes sense ha! good luck with it all!

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  2. I think you should always do what you think is best for you and for your blog. I hope you’ll be successful with the decisions you make and although I’m not of the same opinion because I think a huge part of your usl is your personality which is caring and supportive (as far as I know) and things like your dedication to the community champions are a unique thing that shows exactly what kind of a person you are, and I agree that things like that shouldn’t play the biggest role on your blog but e.g. a monthly version wouldn’t distract from your person but underline your love for other people’s stories and for supporting those ppl.. but that’s just my opinion and I’d never disrespect a decision someone makes for their career and still wish you all the luck for the future! xxx


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