Community Champions Week 16

I’m not sure anyone was ready for the news that the ‘Community Champions’ series would soon be ending (July 7th will be the last post) and I certainly didn’t believe it would come to an end.

Deciding to end the series was tough. Since starting the series, 80 bloggers have been thanked with a variety of soppy messages, and I hope everyone featured knows how much they truly mean to me and how much their support has kept me going.

This week’s ‘Community Champions’ are champions for one reason…




FullSizeRender (2).jpg

“Helen Alison is a huge sex geek and the founder of The Good Sex where women speak about sex openly in an effort to build the sex and relationships that suit them. She believes talking about female sexuality openly will help women feel less isolated and more empowered, liberated and supported. Writing for The Good Sex blog and a regular on The Good Sex podcast, Helen uses her own experiences to increase sexual empowerment and knowledge for the women following along.”

Reasons why Helen is my hero: When I heard Helen’s story and how ‘The Good Sex’ was created (Helen wrote it recently in a guest blog) it hit me hard. People I’ve dated have had experiences of sexual abuse, so to hear Helen’s story it brought me back to reality. Sex is a stigma. There’s stigmas for what’s shown online, in the media and on TV, and yet Helen is keeping it real. Helen’s keeping it real by educating others about sex and relationships, and for me that’s a hero’s action. Helen’s goal to empower women shows how incredible she is as a person and as a friend. Thank you, Helen for what you do to help others.




When Tania Talks Profile Pic 2.jpg

I’m a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, chronic illness and disability blogger. On my blog, When Tania Talks, I share my passions and experiences seeing the world through green tinted glasses. I set up the #SpoonieSpeak, a Twitter chat aimed at sharing positivity among the chronic illness community. As well as sharing my story on my blog and YouTube channel, I also volunteer with the Hypermobility Syndrome Association, Migraine Action and Light Aware charities.

Reasons why Tania is my hero: I remember reading one of Tania’s old blog posts, sharing her experience at the UdderBelly festival in London and the accessibility and customer service she was amazed by. Part of Tania’s story resonates with my sister, (ADD MORE) and that makes me relate to Tania’s story. Tania’s want to raise awareness is what makes her my hero. I love people who want to use their own personal experiences to help others, and Tania is one in a million. I really wish there were more people like Tania in this world.





As a mum, teacher and makeup aficionado I’ve plenty to keep me busy! A bit of a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, I blog about what’s important to me; that may be the latest makeup product I’m enjoying, a book I’ve read or how I’m handling my sons tantrums! Blogging has brought me into this wonderful community, and I love sharing my corner of the world with other people.

Reasons why Gemma is my hero: Gemma is like a sister to me. She’s always there for me when i need a bit of a rant or just a shoulder to lean on and I’m so grateful to have someone as special as her in my life. Her warm personality makes me feel at ease when I’m at my most stressed, and if that isn’t a symbol of true friendship, I don’t know what is!





Lifestyle blogger with positives vibes and the most gorgeous cockapoo. Living sober through SMART Recovery. Volunteering to help raising awareness around addiction and to prevent others from becoming addicted to substances. Writing about my thoughts and experiences on various issues such as mental health, addiction, recovery, politics and y’know life – over just a couple of months OhEvie has become a positive, versatile space I am proud to call my own. Enjoy x

Reasons why Evie is my hero: Next month, Evie is sharing her story on John’s Road to Volunteering, and as soon as I read her post, I wanted to give her a big hug. Not because the recovery she’s going through, but the her want to use her story for good. Evie is ‘REAL’ and doesn’t hide, and that’s what I admire about her. Holding your hands up to something you’ve done or been through isn’t easy, and I salute you Evie. I salute you for being open about your past struggles and I salute you for the hard-work you’re putting in to tell people it’s OK to have a past. It’s the future where the adventure is.





“Hi I’m Shannon. I’m a 20 something blogger from Buckinghamshire who blogs about cruelty free beauty and budget topics including travel, music, lifestyle, relationships and self improvement. I work in Financial Services but dream of becoming a Photographer. My goal is to inspire those to care for our furry friends by being cruelty free and also budget their money. I am currently taking part in a series called #YearOfYou to find the good in the little things and promote self improvement. I also blog about Mental Health from personal experiences to help those who suffer as well to help and also spread awareness.”

Reasons why Shannon is my hero: Very recently, Shannon has been there for me. It’s a really confusing time for me right now, and Shannon instantly helped me to forget about things and just enjoy the moment. Shannon’s one of these people, that everyone needs in their life, as you know they have your back. Shannon’s heard me rant, pour out emotions about dating, celebrate with opportunities arising and it’s a sign of the person she is. Shannon has such a warm glow to her, that I know that when I need someone, she’ll always be there for me. Shannon is a true friend.



I’m incredibly lucky to have Helen, Tania, Gemma, Evie and Shannon in my life, as without them, I’m not sure my journey would be the same.

‘Community Champions’ is back next week at 8pm BST!


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