Live-blogging my content

Writing daily, you’d think I struggle to collect content for John’s Road to Volunteering, but it’s the complete opposite.

I started daily blogging towards the end of last year, and have adapted in a way, that daily blogging is now part of my norm. I’m used to looking at my daily life, whilst thinking out loud what’s relevant in my story and how day to day occurrences relate to my thoughts and opinions.

Combining my story with things I see and hear, I learn what’s relevant. What’s relevant is the life of John Sennett, not what someone else is doing.


Many bloggers worry that because someone else is writing about the same topic, there’ll be nothing unique and individual about their piece. What’s unique is YOU ARE A PERSON! You’re an individual and individuals have different opinions.

Just like we have different styles. Another personal life blogger won’t write in the same style I write in, and that’s why I don’t worry about what’s going on outside of John’s Road to Volunteering.

I don’t do research into the content someone else is doing, as that’s not my journey. Why do we worry so much about what everyone else is doing, when there’s no relevance? What’s relevant is what we’re feeling, seeing and hearing?! What’s relevant is the content we want to produce, not someone else’s?!


The only barrier in me collecting content is ME!

It’s part of the reason why I have a flexible schedule. I may have a schedule sorted for the next month, but feelings change. My outlook will change. I might see, hear or experience something and want to write about it that night.

I hold my hands up and will admit it’s bloody tricky when it comes to this style of blogging, especially with photography being a headache at times, but I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now if it was easy. I wouldn’t blog if anyone could do it, because we have to be honest and say it’s not a hobby for everyone.

Blogging takes a lot of time and even to produce one piece of content, we have to spend countless hours writing, snapping pictures, sorting out the layout and some people will get bored. People will get bored with the amount of hours needed on a weekly basis to run a blog, and that’s part of the reason I love blogging.


I love putting in the hours to produce my content, as it shows my love for helping others with their journey. Helping others with their journey does mean going on regular days out to find areas I feel a picture can resonate with the written content, sitting down feeling the emotions as I type away, and talking with an open voice.

Collecting content is an example of who I am as a person. Coming up with a month’s worth of ideas shows my organisation and the amount I have to say and share. Sharing your content with the online and outside world has to be shared with you first.


You have to want to share your content! You have to want to click ‘publish’ for the world to see, and as a daily blogger, we have to constantly think. We have to constantly think about what we want to upload next, and the daily aspect isn’t a barrier, it’s an opportunity.

Since daily blogging, my passion for writing has grown. My passion for wanting to self-develop has grown. Whether I’m typing away, writing my content by hand or joking about my uncle’s thumb being in a picture, I LOVE WHAT I DO! I LOVE DAILY BLOGGING!

That’s why I’m happy to spend a day out solely to collect the pictures I want. I’m off to Brighton soon to take snaps, as for me it’s different. It might not be different for some people, but it’s different for me.

I used to be the guy who’d happily walk to his local park with no effort at all, and to create something off the pictures I took. Thing is, when you daily blog you have to ensure the content is consistent. The consistency in engagement and consistency in authenticity.

I’m not going to have a shoot in parks around Southampton, as how is that different? How is that creating a uniqueness behind my content? I want to create content that’s not just about the pictures, not just about the wording, but the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE!!

Daily blogging is giving someone an experience and seeing that experience turn into a 24 hour engagement. I live-tweet so people can have an instant buzz for what’s ahead. I live-tweet to bring an excitement. I upload at the same time (I try) every night, as that’s the experience. The experience is leaving your readers wanting more, and coming back even without a high-level of promotion.


I collect content to tell a story. I collect content like you would with a weekly magazine. You want to already know what’s going to be in the magazine week in week out, and that’s the way daily blogging works.

How are we creating something where people are itching for that 8pm upload? How are we using the last blog post for our readers to prepare for tomorrow’s content?

I can plan as much as I want, write as many blog posts in advance, but that’s not ‘real’ to me. ‘Real’ to me is typing as you think. Typing as you think about what happened yesterday or today,  and essentially live-blogging.


Live-blogging is how I collect my content!



2 thoughts on “Live-blogging my content

  1. I also enjoy daily blogging. I have found I am more alert to what is around me and notice a lot more things, since I am paying attention at the moment. Blogging has changed my life in many different ways.


  2. This is so motivating! I tried daily blogging for a while and found it so difficult but you’ve motivated me to try again and see how it turns out! x


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