Climbing the personal ladder

I climb and climb, wanting to be the best person I can be, and to look back feeling proud of every decision I make.

Life is full of decisions right now with choices over which charities to volunteer with next, the path I’ll be taking in January and how I use every day to the fullest; becoming a better person in the process.


I have VERY high standards of myself since I’ve learned I’m mentally and physically stronger than I first thought, so the thought of pushing myself once more to understand the true capability of one human is a thrilling feeling.

A feeling of sitting down putting my thoughts to paper or onto screen, walking whilst remembering why I’m putting significant stress on my body and mind.

The thought of what’s ahead is starting to become reality with every passing day, and the understanding of who I am is becoming apparent.

I know I’m on this planet to help others and to use my story for good, but that comes at a price. It comes at a price of self-dedication. A dedication I put to into my walks, into my blog posts and into giving people a reason to fight their battles.

I climbed and climbed to put myself in this position, putting my demons and other people’s demons into a locked box, and continued to break down any barrier I faced.


Putting things into a box to carry on gives me the opportunity to live the life I want in a way I want, but when the time comes, that box will become unlocked, so someone else can lock theirs.

The personal battle to become the key for others is opening my eyes to what’s around me. What’s around me that’s stopping people from living their life? How can I use my own personal journey to break down the barriers with them, giving them the opportunities they want?


The moment I started giving back to others, the beast was unlocked. The bald beast looking to tear down obstacles and to become the light.

The light that’ll open doors for those in his lives and for people to see that a barrier is only a barrier that WE put up. The ladder is there for us to climb, we just need the courage. The courage to say FUCK THIS, LET’S DO IT!!

You think I wake up every day with the motivation to succeed? No! I have barriers every day that I break down to even get on that ladder, and when I’m on, I just keep climbing.

I keep climbing until there’s nothing else to climb, but I’ll be stood on top waiting for the next part of the ladder to be built.



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