Community Champions Week 17

I can’t believe it’s nearly over! I can’t believe that 17 weeks in, next week will see the end of my ‘Community Champions’ series, but I’m so proud of it.

I’m proud of the series, as like today, it’s showcased some of the most amazing bloggers in the blogosphere, and how they’ve supported not only my journey, but others on theirs too.




I’m Beth, a 27-year-old Scottish blogger who writes about a little bit of everything! I started my blog, Adventure & Anxiety, as a place to document my continuing battle to enjoy travelling around the UK while struggling with mental health issues. I also write about books, beauty and lifestyle, as well as sharing my experiences of anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.

Reasons why Beth is my hero: True friends don’t need to be chatting every day about every little thing, and that’s a representation of Beth and I’s relationship. We’ve known each other now for quite a while, and whether we talk a little or loads, I know she’s there. I know she’s there, as she’s one of the warmest personalities in the blogosphere. Her honest tweets are what makes me love our friendship even more. I love people that are honest, even if it’s controversial, and Beth is an example of a blogger who says it how it is.





‘Hi everyone! I’m Enyiie, a blogger who loves to write about all things lifestyle. I’m a sucker for travel, a good book and food. I hail from Melbourne, Australia and also have a YouTube channel where I post my travel vlogs and happy memories. John is an absolute legend and I’m so grateful to be able to connect with awesome influencers through blogging!’

Reasons why Enyiie is my hero: When you start a blog, you’re unaware of the people you’ll meet along the way. The last sentence Enyiie wrote above is why I love her to bits! Her support is unreal for my journey and despite being on the opposite side of the country, our friendship is an example of how bloggers can come together. Thank you Enyiie for all your support, and I’m sure when you move to Sheffield, we’ll finally get to meet 🙂





‘I’ve been a part of the blogosphere since 2012, but I’ve been running LifewithMaria for a year. I celebrate style and love to experiment with my look. I follow trends, but like to look at them with alternative eyes, whether it’s through striking beauty looks, quirky accessories or unique styling, it’s all about standing out- and I’m always looking to add those Halloween-y twists in there too!

Reasons why Maria is my hero: Maria’s style is flawless, just like who she is as a person. I admire Maria so much for doing her own thing and showing off who she is. To have the confidence to do your own thing is always something that motivates me in my own journey, and not only is she a babe, her blog is also.





Erika is from Chicago and has spent years, at this point, in therapy working through life with Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, and the comorbidities that can accompany DID. She’s begun advocating not only for herself–& her parts– but the many voiceless with DID and Dissociative disorders. As she types this she’s actually sitting outside University of Chicago awaiting the next Living with DID Talk to begin– only moments away at this point.

Reasons why Erika is my hero: When Erika guest blogged recently on John’s Road to Volunteering, it let me understand who she is as a person. For someone to share their personal story, it’s an example of the truly amazing person they are. No-one tells you to share your story, yet Erika does. Erika shares her MH journey, and it’s something I adore about her. I adore the fact she’s putting her struggles out there for the world to see, knowing someone out their will relate. Sign of a blessing to us all.





I’m Mel, I’m a UK beauty and lifestyle blogger and a self confessed beauty and skincare junkie always looking for my next fix! I love all things Queen, animals, Gin and Harry Potter.

Reasons why Mel is my hero: If I had to pick one person to be the definition of ‘beauty’, Mel is that person. Mel is a very community minded person, always sharing the love where she can, lifting the spirits of her friends. I adore Mel to bits, because of her warm and loving personality, and it’s certainly one thing I think we need to see more in this world. Mel, you’re a one of a kind, keep being an absolute stunner to us all!



I’m not sure how I’m going to feel knowing next week is the last week, but just like the amazing individuals featured in today’s post, it’s been an absolute pleasure having the absolute stunners of the blogosphere featured on John’s Road to Volunteering.

See you next week for a special ‘Community Champions’!



One thought on “Community Champions Week 17

  1. Thank you, John, for creating this series! I’m so happy that blogging has brought us together and helped me reach out to so many like-minded people regardless of geography and circumstances. It’s amazing that you go out of your way to do things for the community and make everyone feel welcome. Keep doing you!


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