I’ve met someone!

At a time where I’m looking ahead, thinking about the walk and how full-time blogging will make an appearance in my life soon, a stunning, young woman made me smile the moment we connected, leading to casual sex.

WHAT??!! John, did I just read that right? You did! I just said CASUAL SEX on John’s Road to Volunteering!

I’m a personal blogger, I share what’s relevant in my life with no boundaries, and knowing how my life is about to change, I wanted to be honest. I typed dates into my Twitter profile, as I was honestly scared. I was scared and still am as I’m typing this, as the way people will react. “John, you’re meant to be a good guy?!” – Casual sex doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy, just that I’m enjoying my time with someone without any strings attached.


I can’t date! I honestly can’t! I don’t know where I’m going to be next month, and I CERTAINLY don’t know where I’m going to be next year! Why would I date someone for 6 months to then go travelling for years on end with very little opportunities to see them? Who’d really date someone with the intention of it only being short-term?

It’s why casual sex works for me and I hope you understand that? I hope you understand that I am HUMAN! I’m a human being who likes sex. I’m a human being who wants to spend quality time with someone, getting to know them, but in a way, that works for the both of us.

We’re happy!

We’re both loving spending time with one another and for me, I’ve got do what’s best for me. I didn’t just jump at anyone who had me, it took time. I’ve been single now for 8 months with no human interaction in the sexual nature at all. That’s hard for anyone with a high sex drive, and when I met someone where the spark instantly appeared, I knew I was ready.

I’ve been in a similar situation before (well could have been), but never fully committed. I didn’t feel like I was the casual sex kinda guy, but I am.

I’m a bloody busy guy with a schedule that could change at any moment, and that puts barriers up. It puts barriers up with my love life, as I might be packing a bag tomorrow. I might pack a bag to Scotland tomorrow to never return to Southampton. I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!!


I know when you saw the title “I’ve met someone”, you probably thought that I’m officially dating someone, but why does the term have to mean that? Why can’t the term mean something different to people and to highlight that meeting someone could mean on a casual basis.

I didn’t plan for this to happen, but when you have that connection with someone, and know a long-term future is highly doubtful, why not come to some sort of agreement that allows you to get to know that person without a worry?

Yes, feelings might occur, and kissing, hand holding etc might happen in public, but that’s human nature. When you meet someone, you’re going to get close. You’re going to want to show the other person that you care, but it’s labels that ruins the whole dating scene.

Yes, we’re dating, but in the form of casual sex. We eat together, we share our personal lives to one another, and that’s what friends do. Friends get to know one another in a way that works for them, and the added benefits are part of that friendship.

I’m not here to shout out about having sex or about the fact I’m seeing someone new, but I want to be honest with you guys. I want to start feeling confident in sharing my love life with you, as that’s part of my journey.

Every day is part of that journey, and casual sex is part of it.




22 thoughts on “I’ve met someone!

  1. I adore how honest you are and I’m so happy you have found somebody who is able to let you be yourself and not feel any pressure especially with how hard you work!

    Abi xx

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  2. John! I absolutely love the honesty in this post! You’re exactly right – this is your personal blog and why shouldn’t you talk about casual sex! I’m so happy you are in a good place and enjoying life! X

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  3. Oh john! How lovely you have found someone who understands and you care about. I totally understand the whole casual sex thing, even though I’m not one to do it. It is defiantly what makes you and that other person happy. Bugger everyone else. If it works for you two, that’s all that matters. You are right; and I wish you all the best! ❤️❤️

    Mwah x

    Becca x

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  4. As a mom, I would not want to glorify casual sex but it’s normal. Isn’t it? There is a difference between casual sex and promiscuous sex too. Just hope your not talking yourself into a casual relationship verse being in one. Although, that may just be a girl thing. Good Luck with you relationship or friendship.

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  5. If it makes you happy and it’s what you’re both comfortable with then go for it! Nothing wrong with casual sex whatsoever if it’s more suitable for you, I’m pleased you met someone! Xx


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  6. As you said, you’ve got to do what’s right for you?! As long as you’re both happy, and you’ve got the boundaries set, you’ll both be fine! We’ve nearly all been in a similar situation anyway, I’m sure.. 😇

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  7. I love the honesty of this post, and if it makes you happy surely that’s a good thing right? 🤔 People are always going to judge-let them waste their time! Its lovely you have met someone! And to the critics, it’s your blog & you do you 🙌🏼


  8. I think it’s your honesty that makes you such an amazing person!! I’m so happy you’ve met someone and that you’re enjoying your time together and as an individual. We (society “we”) definitely goes about trying to stick a proper Post-It note to everything we see but life isn’t always black and white and it’s most often in the grey areas that we grow and learn and get to have a little much-needed fun. 😉 x


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