Community Champions Week 18

I honestly can’t believe this is it! I can’t believe that after 18 weeks, this is LAST COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS POST!

Expressing how I feel about it ending can’t be described, but know this was one of the hardest decisions to make. I’ve loved producing the series, and recognising truly incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the online world (some also in person) and that’s because the series won’t be here, doesn’t mean I won’t be thanking people.

Knowing this is it, I wanted to finish off with a bang, so here are today’s 9 COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS and a huge thank you to all 94 who have graced John’s Road to Volunteering throughout the series.




I’m Sophie, I am 22 years old and I love everything that is pink. I blog behind ‘Social Influencer’ after initially setting the whole thing up on Twitter to try and spread positivity among the blogging community. I mainly like to waffle on about make-up but I am also trying to talk about my mental health and my personal experiences of domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide.

Reasons why Sophie is my hero: Those eyes! That smile!! Sophie just radiates beauty on the inside and out, and what she hasn’t told you is that she’s a godsend to us all in blogging. Sophie’s only been in blogging for a few months now, yet she’s made an instant impact. It’s her warm glow, her angelic ways and the love she shares for helping others that’s seen her being recognised as a ‘Community Champion’.





Hey, I’m Jade & I’m a UK fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger – a bit of everything really! I also love travelling, so expect to see quite a bit of that on my blog. I’m fairly new to the blogging scene, but I’m loving it all so far, especially the blogging community and everyone in it.

Reasons why Jade is my hero: We instantly clicked. We talked and talked and I realised how much I wish Jade started blogging when I did. Jade’s one of these people that puts other people first, and the community are already embracing her stunning self and realising how lucky we all are to have her gracing our Twitter feeds.





I’m Britt, a slightly quirky alternative blogger sharing my views on life, pet ownership, travel and more over on Alternatively Speaking. While my blog is a Lifestyle Blog, I believe that it is a niche within a niche, and refer to it as ‘an alternative spin on the classic lifestyle blog.’ While I do discuss many of the more common topics in blogging, I enjoy sprinkling in a healthy amount of conversation about tattoos, piercings and alternative hair colors. I love the blogging community, and all the amazing, unique and genuinely special individuals I have had the opportunity to meet!

Reasons why Britt is my hero: If I had to pick one person out and thank them instantly for their support, it’s Britt! Britt comments on nearly all my posts, and no-one has told her to! No-one has told Britt to warm to my unique ways and yet she has, and that’s so special. Britt says it how it is, and makes sure you value who you are, and because of that, I’ve valued my content so much more since Britt has come into my life.





Hey, my name is Alura. I’m a small town girl who’s working 2 jobs in order to move to England! My blog is all about my life, MH, skincare and some travel!

Reasons why Alura is my hero: It only took one conversation for me to realise how incredible Alura is, with her stunning smile and glowing personality instantly making an impact on me. Alura has instantly put herself out there since starting blogging, messaging bloggers about their work, complimenting people for the way they look, and Alura here’s my message…

You’re absolutely stunning! Never change and never doubt yourself because I believe in you!




Profile Pic

Hi I’m Sarah, a Lifestyle Mentor advocating for Parenting, Mental Health and Additional Needs. With a, little homemade crafts and sparkling wine to lighten the load.

I have a degree in Education with 10 years experiences as a teaching assistant specialising in speech and language therapy. I have been writing since 2014.

Reasons why Sarah is my hero: When you talk to someone for the first time, you understand who they are as a person and their intentions. Getting to know Sarah, the one thing that stands out is her advocacy work and supporting the work others do to make a difference in this world. Sarah is always there to pick me up when I doubt either my content or my actions, and that’s why she’s my ‘Community Champion’. We all need a Sarah in our lives and I know the blogging community will warm to her, like I already have.




Processed with MOLDIV

I am a political and social blogger with the dream of being a political journalist. I try to write about topics that are not covered by the media and give new perspectives! In the future I want to start a regular positive political newsletter and you can sign up here: . I am studying History, Greek and Latin for A Level and hope to do Classics at university!

Reasons why bookfulblog is my hero: Posting regularly you can receive some critique, but since connecting with bookfulblog, all they’ve had is high praises for my content and for my work in the community. It’s the small things in life that make me happy, and just going out of their way to message me, it makes an incredible impact on bring a smile to my face.




Zoe Louise photo.jpg

Hi, I’m Zoe Louise. I’m a writer, blogger, and soon-to-be graduate currently residing in the Midlands. I only blog once a week but I put a prosaic spin on conventional blog topics. Currently, I’m running a blog series called A Contraceptive Story to help share women’s experiences of different contraceptives.

Reasons why Zoe is my hero: We connected, we spoke and the support rushed in. Zoe is my ‘Community Champion’ as straight after our initial conversation, I was flooded with love about my content and my journey and I couldn’t stop smiling. The support hasn’t stopped either. For someone to do that, is a sign of how special they are and I’m truly grateful to have Zoe in my community!





My name is Michelle and I am lifestyle blogger and editor of This corner of the internet started as an outlet to share my love for tea and as a creative outlet. Nearly three years on (!) it is has grown to have four writers and is now a place for tea, fashion and beauty, travel, personal stories and so much more…

Reasons why Michelle is my hero: I’ve known Michelle for a while now, and since writing primarily about volunteering, nothing has changed when it comes to the love and support she shows me and my journey.

Not only is Michelle an absolute cracker, she has the heart of gold and will be there for me when I need someone to talk to. I’m so lucky to be able to call her a dear friend, as I’m not sure things would be the same without her.





Hi! I’m becca and I am mummy to Rosie (4) and Miyah (4 months). I am a parent & lifestyle blogger & I started blogging early this year. Thank you so much John for featuring me! 🙂

Reasons why Becca is my hero: Becca is a complete sweetheart, who after recently connecting with me, has shown such incredible support and I couldn’t end the ‘Community Champions’ series without saying thank you to her.

It’s amazing how blogging connects people together and I’m so grateful Becca has found her space online, as it’s a real priviledge getting to know her, feeling her warm embrace in the community.



‘I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank John. I honestly cannot put into words a way to explain him. He honestly is an admiration, his courage and bravery with all the things he is trying to achieve is incredible. I really wish him every bit of luck because what he is doing is something really really special. I am so thankful to have found him along my blogging journey.’ – Sophie

Comments like this above is why the ‘Community Champions’ started. It started early this year to thank as many people as possible for their selfless messages, and it’s been by far my favourite series to date.

It’s sad to see it go, but to bring people from across the globe together has been an amazing experience and to everyone whose shown support to my content recently and those who’ve stuck with me for the last 2 1/2 years, thank you.

John’s Road to Volunteering wouldn’t be the same without you, and here’s to the next series I create….




Disclaimer: All pictures and wording under the bloggers names have been provided by them and are owned by them.


3 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 18

  1. Thank you so much for this! I can’t help but comment on your blog – I love how real and honest you are! While I am incredibly sad to see the end of this series (I learned about so many great bloggers through it) I can’t wait to see what you have in store next!

    Britt |


  2. Aw how lovely, thankyou! What a great series & I’m so glad I started blogging when I get to meet great people like you & everyone else you’ve featured in this series x


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