Social media…the key to my success?

Social media hasn’t made my success…I HAVE!

Social media significantly assists a blogger in amplifying their message, yet I don’t think as a community and as individuals, we give ourselves enough credit for what we do.

Blogging is flipping hard and very time consuming, so let’s celebrate the successes we have; from clicking publish on a personal blog post, pulling off an amazing brand collaboration or for reaching a milestone on social media.

Reaching milestones are a great way to see how you’ve grown overtime and I know I smiled a lot when I hit 10k on Twitter. Just like a former blog post; ‘10k doesn’t define me’ , social media doesn’t define me either.

Nothing defines who we are, besides us! Even numbers.

The critics don’t define who we are. Our blog stats don’t define who we are. Who we collaborate with doesn’t define us.

What defines us are the actions we take to put our thoughts into a real life situation. Take the ‘Community Champions‘ series for example. I’ve absolutely loved running the series, but it doesn’t define the blog. The content will always play a major role in representing my journey, but without the voice, the content wouldn’t be there.


The voice is what’s speaking to me (I like talking to myself), and what’s opening up the pathways. Pathways can be very tight, especially for a guy of my size, so to have that voice, things widen. Things widen in a way, I’m more confident in saying…

“I’ve achieved what I have, as I’m the only person who’ll make my dreams become reality”.


I will not hinder my future, by not using my voice to achieve what I want. I will not stand back and wait for someone else to open a door for me. I’m my own person and every success I have will help me achieve more.The person I am today will only be a memory, when I’m standing on top of the mountain shouting out that I’m freaking proud of myself and my journey.

That journey does consist of social media, but it doesn’t overwhelm it; it only features in it. Social media will be a great platform for us to share our stories, but it’s how we share our stories, that’ll grab people’s attention, resulting in personal success.

Next time you question your stats, which brands you’ve been contacted by or how many blog posts you get up, remember to be proud for starting a blog in the first place and for sticking at it…

That’s success in itself!! Isn’t it?


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