Be Twitter chat smart

When I started Twitter chats, I had a real buzz for networking with others, and for sharing parts of my life I wouldn’t have thought to have shared.

  • Food? – I might not talk about it on John’s Road to Volunteering, but it’s an often-used topic for Twitter chat hosts.
  • Self-Love – A hugely popular topic, giving inspiration and motivation to others by sharing the confidence we may have for certain personal attributes.
  • Diversity in blogging – When I used to host, this was my favourite topic. It was a conversational topic, giving people the opportunity to speak up, and gave all of us a greater understanding in our individual passions.

The way Twitter chats work is a greater understanding into branding for our blogs, an opportunity to grow our network and friendships with other bloggers, and gives you a chance to speak up.

Speaking up is something I’m really passionate about; I think that’s obvious, but I won’t speak up if the topics don’t interest me. You’ll see me from time to time speak up about Twitter chats, and how they’re missing out on an opportunity to engage new bloggers.

IMAG3814 (1).jpg

To engage, you need topics that’ll stand out, and many people who I’ve spoken to over the last few months have all stated topics have become boring.

  • How did you start blogging?
  • Your blog goals/inspirations?

Two amazing topics, don’t get me wrong, but how many times have they been used? How many people really want to speak about the same topics over and over again, and this is why I question whether they’re worth our time? Do we need something new to spice things up and to bring old-school blogging back in the limelight?


I don’t think so, but I think Twitter chats need to adapt. Adapt in a way each chat’s community feel their time is valued. Valuing your community means you put them at the forefront of topics, and you react to real-life problems to influence conversations.

Non-blogging related activities and interests can be talked among bloggers outside of chats. What topics are you providing as a host which is unique? What is your chat’s USP? (Unique Selling Point)

What’s your USP as a blogger? It’s all well and good me pointing out thoughts of hosting chats, but as bloggers, we need to know what we want. We need to know what we want from chats, so we can pick the ones that’ll have most benefits for our blog.

I used to participate in every chat going, and have hosted most of them too, but a point came when I got a bit bored. I needed to change things up, and as my following grew, I needed to think in a more strategic way. Talking to bloggers is something I love, but when most of my friends are in chats, there’s no new opportunity there. I can speak to them outside of a chat.

Picking and choosing chats is something I’m doing right now after a 6-week break, and part of the reasons I stopped, are already appearing again.


I get really excited to participate in chats, as I don’t have a lot of free time. Having the free time to participate tends to swiftly change, when either a chat has been left until last minute to find a host (don’t just hope there’ll be a host…plan!), there’s no chat for whatever reason (if you host, be consistent!) or the topic doesn’t change.

That’s why I’m focusing solely on blogging related chats. I’ll endeavour in a positivity or self-love chat every now and again, maybe a fitness chat, but that’s part of my blog’s branding. I blog about my life, I blog about self-development and opportunity, I blog about being on a journey and the opportunities presented to me.


We as bloggers need to pick chats carefully. If we want to grow our blog, chats are the way to do it, but not every chat will give you the outcome you want.

Trial and error the chats you want. Find out whether quality or quantity works best for you, and go for it!


Remember…we’re all human with our own wants and needs, so if a chat doesn’t interest you, don’t do it! If a topic does, take it for granted and grow your network. Just make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing, and use the opportunities out there to learn more about yourself.

Once you learn who you are, what you want to learn, and what chats are available, you’ll be able to pick and choose what works best for you. Just don’t write them off before you give them a try!

They work wonders for John’s Road to Volunteering!


7 thoughts on “Be Twitter chat smart

  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said! I love Twitter chats as they give you an opportunity to explore the blogging community further but at the same time like you’ve said they can get repetitive. Us as bloggers should try out chats we aren’t used to ☺️ Xx


  2. Hi John.
    I completely agree with everything you have just said. I love to get involved in chats. When I first started, I would join every chat – every day. But lately the topics seem to be either repetitive or ones that I can’t give an input to. I have stopped joining chats that don’t interest me now because I find myself looking at the clock waiting for the hour to be over.

    Great post!


  3. This is a really interesting way to think about the Twitter chats – I’ve only recently started participating in them, so I can’t say I’m quite at the point you were at, but still good to think ahead 🙂


  4. Great post, it really got me thinking! I haven’t participated in as many twitter chats as I would’ve liked to over the past while but hoping to do so in the future. As you rightly said, their are some chat topics that interest me and others that don’t, so I’m definitely going to try look out for more with topics I’m passionate about and more blogging related ones.


  5. Definitely agree! I also pick and choose which chats I take part in. There is no point forcing myself to be involved in a chat where I’m not interested… Instead I watch for the topics that catch my attention to engage.

    Britt |


  6. I love blogger chats, as I think they’re an amazing way to grow your ‘network’ – both blog and friendship wise! However, I do agree that often the topics are very similar and sometimes, I’ll skip a chat if it’s on a topic recently discussed elsewhere! ☺️


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