Uniting with a purpose

There’s too much shit in blogging! WAY TOO MUCH!

This is why #ILiveItIBlogIt is coming on August 13th!

I didn’t want to sit back and do nothing; that’s not me. I didn’t JUST want to tweet about diversity, I want to show it.

I want to show diversity by bringing bloggers from all walks of life together to create a movement, letting ALL bloggers know it’s OK to share your story. It’s OK to open up. It’s OK to be scared to publish a personal post, as we’ve all felt that way at some point in our journey.

Telling your story is tough, but as a community we can change this. We can influence each other by showing the only barrier to our content is ourselves. The only barrier is the ‘publish’ button, and that’s going to stay there until we show more support.


Meeting so many bloggers this weekend in London, gave me a greater opportunity to understand rather than wait for something to happen. I don’t learn unless I’m put in a new situation, and meeting bloggers I’ve been talking to for so long told me I have made some incredible friends.

Sophia for example.


Sophia is one of the loveliest people you meet, who’ll trust your judgement, when you have a clear vision of what you want to action. Sophia is a breath of fresh air who joined me for filming on Saturday to show that whether you’ve blogged for a month or 5 years, everyone has a voice in blogging, you just have to USE IT! USE YOUR VOICE!!

Use it in a way you not only share your story with other, but you educate. You teach others what you’ve learned, to create the unity we’re missing in the community.

Unity that shows off the diversity, even between twins.


Lauren and Maddy are two of my best friends in blogging, yet just because they’re twins, doesn’t mean their one person. Yes, it creeps me out when we’re in Weatherspoons and they order the EXACT same meal, but they’re still individuals. Identical twins isn’t the definition of identical personalities.

Personalities that shone when mini-me aka Mario met me at Marble Arch to share that two bald heads doesn’t mean we’re the Mitchell brothers. It shows we’re two guys who attract the sunlight and who embrace their physical features.


Body image is a significant talking point throughout the year in blogging, and it’s something I hope gets touched upon in this campaign.

Tajinder for example embraced ’empower women’ and showed that with a jokey bald guy behind the camera, anyone can have a laugh. Empowering women is a strong message we all need to embrace. We need to embrace that one blogger to the next will be different and our wants and needs will also be different. Everything about us is different.


Even when it comes to hugging me with a foot difference, and the jokes fly off the radar with my squatting technique needed to capture the moment the incredible Kaye caught the stunning Charlie. 


Capturing the moment is split second you have to get the shot you’ve been waiting for. As you can tell, Josh is a natural and having the chance to visit Richmond Park this weekend was a highlight of my year! I’ve wanted to go for so long!


Talking about wishes, I’ve always been intrigued about volunteering abroad. KH Travels aka Kieran and Hannah live the one thing in life I’m envy about. It was a shock when I found another blog talking about volunteering, but that’s the hidden diversity we need to showcase more in blogging.


We won’t showcase what’s out there, unless we work together, and the filming that took place this weekend wouldn’t have happened without everyone featured in today’s post.

I’m so excited to show you all the final product and hope the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign will finally bring the community together, just like how so many of us wish.

Massive thanks to everyone in today’s post for helping me this weekend and I hope all of you reading know, that’s it’s always OK to be who you are and to embrace your passions!

and Hannah live the one thing in life I’m envy about. It was a shock when I found another blog talking about volunteering, but that’s the hidden diversity we need to showcase more in blogging.

3 thoughts on “Uniting with a purpose

  1. Diversity is currently the hot topic in all industries – especially in fashion catwalks – I hope to see a better representation in the blogging industry. Everyone should feel included, if one person wins, it’s a win for bloggers as a whole. United we stand strong. Great post John, love the kind words! #ILiveItIBlogIt


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