Time for change. Shine together.

Change needs to happen. Blogging needs to happen. THE COMMUNITY NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!

I’m not going to sit back any longer and say the blogging community is an actual community. Community to me means giving people a chance and not stereotyping someone just because of their background, their likes or dislikes or their ambitions. Community means GIVING SOMEONE A CHANCE!

When I decided to create the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign, the aim was to give someone a chance. The campaign is open to everyone and anyone who wants to be part of the diversity campaign, as when do you actual get a campaign that is truly open to everyone?! When do you see a blogger running a blogger campaign? NEVER!! Opportunities are not fully inclusive in blogging, yet for one idea to bring millions of voices together, to celebrate diversity and individuality, the reaction has already started.

The reaction that is seeing the hashtag already in use, the messages pouring in with bloggers wanting to find out more information and the bloggers featured in the campaign videos buzzing to see an imperfect 60 seconds highlighting the importance of using what you have.


I was asked earlier about the reason for hosting the campaign, and even though I’ve mentioned a reason above (the real reason), the other reason was to show people that they do have a voice. That they do have a voice in blogging and even if you’re helping 1 person, we should be proud of our content.

Content is changing. Blogging is changing. Our voices are changing.

Content – Content is going down a new route with OOTD’s, hauls and flatlays now being overpowered by personal stories. Personal stories are creating a change, where being comfortable in your own story is being embraced.

Blogging – Blogging is no longer about the written content. The written content is now part of the bigger picture with IG posts, social media scheduling and photography; just to name a few parts of the entire package that comes with blogging.

Voices – It’s becoming more about the stats and not about the bloggers voice. Stats are now being looked at more, as brands want stats. Brands want media kits, and we’re going with it.


Embracing diversity is having your own voice. The way you work with brands, your blog theme, your communication preferences; it’s all part of the change needed in blogging.

The change needed in blogging is every blogger being EVERY BLOGGER!! Every blogger is part of the wider community, but that community still wants to see/hear the individual behind the blog! The individual whose sharing their life online, taking the images featured in their posts and the person who needs to have a voice. Who wants to have a voice?

It’s all well and good saying something, but if you don’t go ahead with it, how are people going to hear the voice you’re trying to amplify? How are you going to be heard without taking a risk from time to time? How are you going to make an impact if we’re always taking the easy route and staying away from the controversial stuff?

Controversy needs to take place for people to take action, but that’s just the start. It’s what we do post controversy that moves the blogging world forward. We only need one blogger to take a step forward for bloggers to be inspired.

Inspiration will come from #ILiveItIBlogIt with many bloggers having a chance to speak up, but once it’s over, we need to continue having our voice heard. We need to keep amplifying the message that diversity needs to be embraced, and it’s not good enough with just one blogger trying to do it on their own.

Change happens when a ‘community’ come together!


One thought on “Time for change. Shine together.

  1. I love this and I applaud your efforts and contribution to the blogging community. I’ve always felt limited on what I could post on my blog because I’ve made to felt like no one wants to hear my opinions or true life stories; only reviews of the latest products or books. I’ve branched out a lot in the last year and opened myself more across my blog as well as my socials and I feel more like ME and not just a drone behind a screen. I’m 33 and in a world of 20 something bloggers, I feel like a minority regardless of what I post, but blogging about my depression, anxiety, and experience with cyber stalking/cyber bullying happens to be universal and across the ages.


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