The moment I decided to run #ILiveItIBlogIt


The #ILiveItIBlogIt teaser went up this evening (all 6 seconds of it) reminding you all that this Sunday @ 6pm BST the campaign officially launches.

The launch comes from a lot of frustration. A lot of frustration built up from seeing various tweets from people feeling excluded from blogging, others feeling bullied for having an opinion, and the entire stereotype around blogging, that the community is all fashion and beauty related.


I hate stereotypes!! I hate bullies!! I hate that ‘niches’ is still a term!! With progression now taking off, I’m seeing more people talk about their personal story.

Telling my personal story is what I love doing. I love seeing people relate to my life experiences, and imagine if when others tell their story, they help someone?! Imagine if that someone then helps someone else, and so on?!

This is why I created #ILiveItBlogIt

I want to run something where people can come together and celebrate who they are. I want to see people feel good about themselves, by showing they’re not afraid of being who they are. I want people to be who they are, showing blogging is much more than what outsiders believe.


Self-belief pushed me to run the campaign, as it was the moment I started to open up about my personal story, that I started to grow. I started to feel better about myself the more I opened up, and in effect, helped others to in doing so.

Imagine that?! Imagine a campaign having the same effect? Imagine a campaign highlighting diversity, letting people know it’s OK to be themselves? Imagine people feeling good about who they are?

I’m now confident telling my personal story, and it’s opened new doors in life; both in and out of blogging. I now have a voice that I’m proud of and I’m using it in a way, where I always want more. I always want to see as many people as possible helped by my message and #ILiveItIBlogIt has the message I want people to remember…

One Community. One Purpose. To celebrate diversity and individuality in blogging. I Live It, I Blog It.


7 thoughts on “The moment I decided to run #ILiveItIBlogIt

  1. Love this blog post. As someone who is still quite new to blogging sometimes i feel the need to follow the crowd a little in terms of my content sometimes, sometimes worried about being myself out of fear of being judged. My blog doesn’t included amazing photography, videos and guest blog posts, its just real and raw content celebrating my successes and documenting my tough days in hope that i can help others. A blog isn’t all about the views and amount of followers, it’s more than that!


  2. I love this and I love how you’re standing out – it is very easy to follow the crowd and be cliche within blogging but you bring something so special to it! can’t wait to see the campaign x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


  3. I love this post! I think bloggers often become too focused on fitting into a specific ‘niche’ when really they should write about what they want to. Blogging should have a supportive community not one where people are competing.


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