Breaking down the walls in blogging

The walls. The 4 walls stopping the blogging world from progressing. The progressions where people feel included, the bitchiness is reduced and people have an opportunity to speak up.

Once we break down one wall in blogging i.e. people buying their followers, another wall appears. Another wall appears and nothing happens. Nothing happens until the bitchiness starts, clouding over all the positivity.

The bitchiness that turns into a colossal bitch fight, with several parties feeling bullied, picked on and shortly after…isolated!!!


Why is this happening? Why is there much negativity happening when we can celebrate?

We can celebrate diversity in so many more ways that just shouting out from the rooftops when someone is offered an amazing opportunity!! Celebrating doesn’t need to come when there’s news.. Celebrate someone’s blog post. Celebrate someone for having an opinion.


We are amazing human beings! We’ve got a bag of tricks and skills resulting in our content. Blogging is hard work!!! Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, so let’s celebrate that!! HIGH FIVE TO EVERY BLOGGER OUT THERE!!!

That to me is breaking down the walls. Breaking down the walls doesn’t have to relate to calling out the shit-stirrers, the individuals giving blogging a bad rep or Instagram for having a fucked up algorithm, but the walls to celebrate more.

Celebrating is a decision, not a chore. Celebrating is a choice we all have, just like how we all have a choice whether we bitch or not.


We choose our content. We choose our friends. We choose EVERYTHING!!! The choices we make open our pathways, and lead us in a certain direction, and #ILiveItIBlogIt will create change. #ILiveIBlogIt will celebrate bloggers. #ILiveItIBlogIt will break down the stereotypes and give people freedom of speech.

It was my choice about #ILiveItIBlogIt. It was my choice to run the campaign, rather than calling out people out. It was my choice to stand up for what’s right, and that’s DIVERSITY!!!! Diversity needs to be celebrated in every sense, so…

When you want to send someone a message…CELEBRATE IT!!!

When you want to show off a blog post you’re proud of…CELEBRATE IT!!

When someone has opened up about a personal story…CELEBRATE IT!!!

Celebrate blogging for what it is… a unique world full of talented people with big dreams.





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