Represent who you are using #ILiveItIBlogIt

My head is like a lamppost. It’s balanced on top of a massive long body, brightens at night, and at times when the sun shines.

You’d think I was joking comparing my head to a lamppost, but that’s me. If I ever have a chance to take the piss out of myself for having very little hair (all .1 of a mm), you can pretty much guarantee I’ll crack a joke.

Cracking a joke is a representation of who I am. Just like how #ILiveItIBlogIt is a representation of the passion I have in empowering people to embrace who they are.


#ILiveItIBlogIt is only 2 days away (Sunday @ 6pm BST is the launch, if you didn’t already know) and with more people wanting to know how they can get involved, here’s some information on what to do on Sunday and thereafter…

RETWEET – The more retweets of the official campaign video, the more people will be aware of the campaign.

TWEET – Share a photograph, something you’re proud of or a characteristic you embrace and want others to know you have. Don’t forget the hashtag!

BLOG – Write a blog post about something you believe represents who you are. It could be a personal experience, a thought or an idea. Something you feel shows off who you are to the world.

VLOG – Same as BLOG.

#ILiveItIBlogIt is here to embrace the quirks in blogging. To celebrate each individual gracing the blogging world. To show off the talent we have to the world. To unite and show we are actually a COMMUNITY!! To give EVERYONE a chance to have a VOICE!!

#ILiveItIBlogIt is every aspect of blogging put into one. The photography. The written content. The social media posts. The comments. The support. The stories. The friendships.

Get involved from 6pm BST this Sunday in the biggest campaign the blogging world has seen this year!!! #ILiveItIBlogIt



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