I lived it. Now I’m blogging it.

I never anticipated finding a love in blogging. I never even anticipated to volunteer, but I did. It’s been one heck of a journey to date, and this was the inspiration behind #ILiveItIBlogIt.

The journey hasn’t always been plain sailing, with a fair few critics believing I was making wrong moves and creating projects that won’t work, but with every person who doubted, a story was told…



This to me is the message of my journey. The journey seeing me giving back to the community started off with an unsure young man, who believed he didn’t have an identity, has now found his feet. I found my size 9 feet, and I started moving. I started moving towards the end goal of finding who I truly was.


On the search, I had a few questions;

  • Why did a heartbreaking event happen when I was on a high?!
  • Why did I keep fighting, knocking down the barriers to find this so called ‘John Sennett’?
  • Where was I to go?
  • How do I get there?

I got to where I am today by living life. #ILiveItIBlogIt might be about celebrating diversity, but the message is to share your life with the world. Life is fucking shite at times. Life can be a tricky sod, and yet we’re all here. We’re all here as we found a way to get through the down times, and we’re using them to help us to open up opportunities in the future.

The future won’t open up without the life experience. Life experience is at the top of my priorities in my future, as without experience, how do I know what works for me and what doesn’t? How am I meant to find this ‘John Sennett’ I so desire on meeting, if I don’t have the knowledge to get me there? How do I go out of my comfort zone to trial and error different activities, to have a guy standing on top of the mountain saying, ‘HERE I AM!!’



When people doubted me. When the bullies decided I was their target. When my parents decided not to have faith in me. There was a young guy that in every thing he did, he believed in himself. I BELIEVED IN MYSELF!!!

I believed that every decision I was making, every charity I was supporting to then eventually leave was part of a bigger picture. The picture bigger that sees me telling my story without limitations. The limitations I set as the unknown and the dark is afraid of. The light that keeps shining down on my and other people’s journey and how I’m embracing who I am!!!


And this week for #ILiveItIBlogIt, I will be sharing some of the most personal life experiences, as I once again, look to inspire others with my story!!!


To take part in #ILiveItIBlogIt, go to my Twitter, and watch the campaign video for all the details 🙂 



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