Someone, somewhere is hard at work creating content for their blog. Content that can take several hours to muster up, just to satisfy their needs, their community’s needs and any potential followers.


Whether they have 100 followers or 100,000 followers, time is never a friend when it comes to telling our story.

Photography, numerous scribbles pre-writing, the thought processes and the ridiculous hours promoting the content are only a few things we do for every blog post.

Have you heard people say blogging is easy? Have they tried it? Have you tried it?

Bloggers get so much stick for their content, but behind the scenes there’s a person still learning.

Problem is…this can come from other bloggers.

Their photography is awful! What camera do they use?

You can tell the content has been rushed!

How can they say that?

First of all, not everyone can afford fancy DSLR cameras or the latest smartphone, some people have the basics, as that’s what they can afford.

How do you know their content has been rushed? Are you Mystic Meg? We all have different writing styles and we’re not all able to get our thoughts onto the screen. Do you know some people struggle to do this?

They can say what they want, it’s their blog, their opinion, shut up!

Did you know I don’t have a DSLR camera? Do I care?

I write most of my blog posts in 10 – 15 minutes, sometimes quicker. Are you telling me because I type quickly that the content is rushed? Have you seen the number of people impacted by my thoughts?

You’ve heard nothing yet! I’m speaking up with no limits in 2017. Don’t like it…tough luck!

You never truly know someone’s effort, so rather than looking at what’s been put on the screen, think about what’s been happening behind the scenes.