More and more, blogging full-time is being considered. I’ve seen something that was once a ‘1 month’ project turn into something where I’m now influencing.

I’m now putting more time into John’s Road to Volunteering, whilst sorting out other aspects of my life, and with a move to London on the cards, why do I get the feeling my future isn’t as an employee?

Why do I get the feeling I’m meant to do more with my life than sit in an office and question how I can make a bigger difference to the world, but focus on it full-time?

I started John’s Road to Volunteering 2 years ago, as a way to inspire more people to give back to the community and to use my story as the starting point.

I reached 9,000 followers recently on Twitter and have seen the blog’s following increase by 8,000 in the last year (I didn’t have a clue what I was doing the first year) and when you’re catching more eyes, the thoughts of becoming a full-time blogger should be considered. Pr

But why do I get the feeling that full-time blogging isn’t my future?

I’ve had various meetings these last few months; one with a TV producer. Knowing there’s plans for a charity focused TV series (only plans), it’s got discussions going with others about a charity TV show, with me being the host. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine me being a TV presenter?

Normally, I’d laugh at an idea like this, but with some exciting projects coming up, my influence is growing. It’s growing in a sense I am constantly looking for gaps in blogging and the charity sector and how I can use my voice to amplify the need of collaboration, opportunity and innovative creations.


I love collaborating with others! In a recent blog interview, I was asked about why I share other people’s story and it’s to give them an opportunity. Not many people are given an opportunity in life to share their story, and it’s something I pride John’s Road to Volunteering on.

Pride that has developed from my own volunteering journey and taking steps forward to new collaborative ideas, that’ll see my story being shared in ways that’s never been done before.

It’s great that I get to collaborate with a lot of people, but to be paid for it, I’m not so sure.

I volunteer because I love helping others. I blog because I love helping others. If money was part of it, I’d change. My mind-set will need to change. The whole purpose of John’s Road to Volunteering would change. I’m not sure I want that.


When I created John’s Road to Volunteering, there was a gap. No-one was doing something similar and it’s a reason I feel it’s grown to what it’s grown into. I saw my own personal journey go from a local story to working with charities across the world.

There’s big opportunities regularly for me, as JRTV is unique, and the more emails I get, the more I take a step back and notice gaps for business.

Business in a sense that events are limited to certain locations in the UK, the TV show incident and how I’ve created scripts for charity videos previously and whether I can use this to create charity documentaries? Maybe I just need confidence to pitch these ideas.

Pitch like I public speak. I public speak in a way that thought-provokes potential actions, and just recently, I was offered payment to deliver a talk. Problem…I speak to charities for free, and I find it strange how I’d do that, but then be paid elsewhere. To me, it needs to be equal.


Everything I do on John’s Road to Volunteering project wise has been created because I’ve spotted a gap. I’ve spotted a gap tying in my wants for sharing my story/life experiences and making a difference.

Later this month, you’ll see this for yourself, as I’m doing something that I’ve never seen done before in the blogging world. I’m breaking down barriers to host one of the biggest collaborations with a group of people, you wouldn’t assume would work.

I test the limits, and love influencing change, but all of this takes time.

I’ve never wanted to be paid for blogging and I don’t think I ever will. I started John’s Road to Volunteering to use my past to influence the future and not one day has money been involved. Why would I want to be paid for something I love? Love is about the outcome of inspiration and passion, not the bank balance. That’s just how I feel.

It’s a really confusing time for me at the moment, trying to figure out things and blogging full-time is an option and only an option.

I know by the end of 2017 my future will become clearer, as that’s how I’ve planned things. If I see something in the meantime that’ll sway my decision, then I’ll go with it, but I’m not in a rush.