Is it me or does the term ‘Blogger’ a pressure in itself?

We’re under the pressure to create eye-catching content drawing in a crowd to witness our thoughts being put into an article, with the unknown quantity, as to if anyone will read it? I crap myself at the thought!

When you sign up to a domain, you know your content will either be public or private, and which way you lean will depend on your confidence, your content and why you’re blogging.

I don’t think it matters as to which one you decide, as there’ll always be pressures surrounding blogging.

You might not know this, but there’s not many charity bloggers out there. Have you noticed this?

This comes with significant pressure in my daily life. Everyday there’s an opportunity to share my story, engage with current and new followers to say ‘Here’s how volunteering has impacted my life!’ and yet people look at my organisation as the reason behind the success of John’s Road to Volunteering.

Truth is, the pressures of blogging are the real reasons why John’s Road to Volunteering has grown significantly in the last 12 months. I went from a nobody to a leading spokesperson and that was down to putting the pressure on myself.

We all hear it time and time again about people blogging for a hobby and not putting pressure on themselves, but that’s a lie. It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging for a hobby or it’s your mainstream of income, we are all under pressure!

Competition is fierce in the blogging world. Wait…What? Competition? Yes, I said competition! Are you telling me that you’re happy putting in endless hours of your free-time to stay in the same spot?

You want to do the most you can do, right? You want to see countless people coming to your blog every day, letting you know your content is engaging?

There’s one thing we forget…

Despite all the pressures we may face with the world, our biggest pressure starts with ourselves. Each year, I set ridiculous goals and targets all for what? To put myself under serious pressure! By understanding that the pressure starts with us, we then have a choice…

We can take on the pressure or we take a step back?

We choose the content (well besides my ‘Community Chooses Week’), we choose whether uploading is regular or every so often, so most importantly….


Being in the public eye doesn’t always have to feel pressurised. Our photography, words and thoughts make up a blog post, but we’re the ones who create them!