Disability Awareness

Disability has been part of my life in some way since the age of 12, and I’ve had enough of people staring at loved ones, assuming they know one’s disability or quite simply mocking someone due to the way they look.

Enough is enough! This BRAND NEW series on John’s Road to Volunteering is an opportunity for people to share their story and raise awareness in the process.


Can you hear me? *GUEST BLOG*

IMG_3521[2662] (2)

 When John asked me if I wanted to do a blog post on my experience being hearing impaired I was happy to do it. I feel like topics like this or any other disability (not that I, personally would class myself to have one) doesn’t get talked about enough so by doing this post I hope to spread some light on the issue. 

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Izzy’s IBD story *GUEST BLOG*


I guess I should start with a bit about myself. I’ve been blogging (on and off) since early 2015. Late last year, I fell ill and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Almost straight away I started to include my medical experiences in my otherwise quite impersonal blog. Since then I have written for the Mighty, joined a voluntary group, and started fundraising- as a result I’ve connected with people all around the world to share experiences and feelings.

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Dyspraxia-the lesser known learning difficulty


Since a young age, I have always been more clumsy and uncoordinated than my friends, especially when it came to sports. Throughout school I was quite happy and achieved good grades but always found it hard to keep up with everyone when we were reading or carrying out written exercises. I have always been a ‘sensitive soul’ and up until the last few years found that I got stressed quite easily. Before my diagnosis of Dyspraxia, I didn’t think there could be a reason for any of these things. I always thought they were just “Becca’ traits” but when I went to university I was diagnosed with the learning difficulty Dyspraxia.

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