The art of story-telling is my focus, and blogging is how it comes to life.

This page will update you on my current thoughts on blogging and the community, how I’m using social media to amplify my story and everything else in between.

Introducing ‘Explore a Corner’ *GUEST BLOG*



When John asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post for his New to Blogging series, I was honoured. I only launched Explore a Corner in mid May so it’s still quite new. It made getting recognised as part of the community all that more gratifying. So now that I am here, I better introduce myself. Who am I? What do I do? Why do I do it? Man, this is like, all of life’s big questions. But before we get into all that, lets start with the basics. I am Lauren. I’m a 22 year old, British born, Drama and Theatre Art graduate turned Backpacker and Blogger. Soon to be TEFL teacher.

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What’s that smell?


We all want that perfect picture, where the beautiful background radiates our personality and the term ‘blogger’ comes to life.

The pictures we don’t see is the expressions bloggers pull, when something happens behind in the scenes. I wanted to use this blog post to tell you a story. A story of the expressions people have when certain things happen…

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Live-blogging my content


Writing daily, you’d think I struggle to collect content for John’s Road to Volunteering, but it’s the complete opposite.

I started daily blogging towards the end of last year, and have adapted in a way, that daily blogging is now part of my norm. I’m used to looking at my daily life, whilst thinking out loud what’s relevant in my story and how day to day occurrences relate to my thoughts and opinions.

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Community Champions Week 16

I’m not sure anyone was ready for the news that the ‘Community Champions’ series would soon be ending (July 7th will be the last post) and I certainly didn’t believe it would come to an end.

Deciding to end the series was tough. Since starting the series, 80 bloggers have been thanked with a variety of soppy messages, and I hope everyone featured knows how much they truly mean to me and how much their support has kept me going.

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The future of John’s Road to Volunteering



Making decisions is never going to be easy, especially when it impacts everything you do, and you know they’re not going to be a popular decision.

I’m ever so proud of what I’ve accomplished with John’s Road to Volunteering since launching in September 2014, and it’s time for a bit of a branding focus.

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Blogging is my light


Sharing my story can be, at times, a very daunting aspect. I’m openly speaking about my life with no boundaries for the world to see, yet there’s a light beaming down on me every time I type.

Sitting here writing today’s post, I went into my own little bubble. OK, a rather large bubble, as I’m not the smallest of people, but it’s still a bubble. A bubble, where I block out everything around me, and I just pour my heart out into every post.

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Where would I be without my friends?


I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without the support from my friends, all of the blog’s supporters and anyone with a love for volunteering, blogging and self-development.

Pretty much a loner when I started out on the blogging scene, I was unaware of the impact the unknown community would have on my life and my journey. The blogging community was unknown to me, as I just produced content and didn’t do much looking into my surroundings.

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Community Champions Week 15

5 incredible bloggers, 5 thank you’s and a lot of love to share.

It’s the small things that matter to me, and the random acts of kindness many people wouldn’t class as a champion action, is the focus of today’s post.

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Be proud to call yourself a blogger


I don’t think celebrating what bloggers do gets enough attention. Celebrating success is normally when someone has reached a follower milestone or when they work with a certain brand, yet celebration should happen all the time, many for the simplest of reasons.

Well done everyone for starting a blog! When we have the buzz telling us to create a blog for reasons only we know at first, no-one says well done! Well done for making the decision to start a blog and for starting your journey to producing quality content!

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The life of a personal blogger


I’ve let my vulnerability speak for itself of late, and thinking about why I write John’s Road to Volunteering inspired today’s post.

I made the move recently to speak more on a personal level and to open up more about my inner thoughts, the demons I might have faced and the importance of being yourself online.

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Community Champions Week 14

This week has been a pretty shit week for me and then I remembered it was time to prepare tonight’s ‘Community Champions’ post.

The one thing I’ve grown to love in blogging is the community. The community around John’s Road to Volunteering brings such happiness into my life, knowing people are genuinely caring about what I’m doing and making sure I’m happy along the way.

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Becoming AmyWhoWrites *GUEST BLOG*


No one likes to be asked why they are here. It is a very open question and no answer is going to be the perfect one. This is why I try to avoid questions relating to why I am here as or @AmyWhoWrites over on twitter. Let’s start with how I got here.


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Community Champions Week 13

Giving time to others is a regular activity for me and the love I have for seeing others smile. 3 ½ months into the ‘Community Champions’ series (the longest running series I’ve ever run), the series continues to represent how much I respect, love and adore those in my life and especially those who’ve supported my journey in some way.

The one thing I love about today’s bloggers are they haven’t been doing it for long. It just shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re new or a blogging veteran, everyone deserves recognition for their selfless acts.

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Am I a blogger?


I don’t fit a niche, I don’t do reviews, I don’t work with typically recognised brands, does that mean I’m not a blogger?


Blogging is about embracing who you are and shining your personality, your opinions and your adventures to the world.

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Community Champions Week 12

When redesigning John’s Road to Volunteering and thinking about the projects to keep and the projects to let go, there wasn’t a moment where I considered letting go of the ‘Community Champions‘ series.

60 incredible bloggers have now been thanked through the series and I have so many more people I want to thank.

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Introducing Emma’s Off Again


My love for blogging started a few years ago. I couldn’t stop reading others stories, travel tips and life advice. In fact, during my second year of university my housemates and I attempted to start a blog all about two of our favourite things; cupcakes and cocktails. It was very fun and a great distraction from deadlines and exam stress. Since then it has always played on my mind how much I would love to have my own tiny corner of the inter-web. So a little over a year ago that I took the plunge and started my own blog; Emma’s Off Again.

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 My view on the blogging ‘community’


This so-called ‘community’ we talk about in blogging, where is it? What’s happened to it?

Part of the reason I took a break was due to the boredom of seeing the daily drama scattered across the blogosphere and how childish some of the shaming, finger pointing and belittling has become.

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It’s OK to be new to blogging


Starting something new is a daunting task, yet very exciting. More and more people are joining the blogging world on a daily basis, and when I notice someone is new, I send them a message welcoming them to the blogosphere.

Do you remember when you first started blogging? The main part I remember is not knowing about the online community. I felt I was on my own with no-one else in life sharing their story to the world and I felt isolated. I kept producing content with nothing really else happening.

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Clicking publish on a personal post


I like to think I’m an open person. Being open with my life helps me to move on from very personal experiences and as I have a few very deep, emotional, tear-jerking posts coming up, I thought this post was relevant.

I’ve been meeting a lot of bloggers recently and have been in numerous meetings where my future content is a hot topic. What do you have coming up? What can we be excited about?

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Community Champions Week 11

When people show their support for my journey, my volunteering or my blog, I reach out to thank them. The ‘Community Champions’ series is my way to say thank you to each person and for me to really get a bit soppy.

Support is something I’ve been overwhelmed with of late, and the 5 incredible ladies featured in this week’s blog have supported in ways I’m so thankful for.

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The Hour Many Look Forward to


When I think about my week, and the time of day I enjoy most, it’s when blogger chats are on. If you’re unaware, blogger chats are an hour long (normally) networking hour for bloggers, taking place on various Twitter accounts, to give you an opportunity to tell those in attendance who you are, what you love and much much more.

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Introducing ‘The Heart Of Me’ *GUEST BLOG*


Hey Everyone

I’m from the blog The Heart Of Me. Firstly I would like to say thank you to John for giving me the opportunity to guest on your blog. So let’s begin this post about my experience being new to blogging world.

My Story

My blog started because I loved to read other peoples and thought I would take the leap and start my own.

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Introducing ‘The Typical Beauty Blog’ *GUEST BLOG*

Kimmiee The Typical BBlog

Hey guys, I’m Kimmiee from The Typical Beauty Blog & John very kindly chose me to be part of his “New to Blogging” series & it just goes to show how lovely, kind & genuine people are in the blogging world. I was missing out on all the communicating / establishing friendship aspects of blogging before I joined Twitter, which I should have joined much sooner, but no worries, now that my blog has social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram & a Pinterest account on the way I feel more motivated & encouraged to keep on doing what I’m doing as I’m getting to talk to so many lovely individuals!

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Introducing Two Girls Same Passions…*GUEST BLOG

Lauren and Maddy.jpg

When John told us he wanted us to be part of his new to blogging series we were pleased that he wanted to include us.

We decided to start our blog as we have always enjoyed reading blogs and one day decided to start our own. We started our blog in January this year. We wanted a place to put our thoughts and opinions on all the things we love.

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Introducing Confidently Kylie *GUEST BLOG*


First of all, let me say that I am very honoured to be part of Johns New to Blogging Series. Coming into the world of blogging as a Newbie can be very daunting. You have no idea what you are doing and it is easy to lose hope and give up, but thanks to bloggers like John, who openly reach out a hand. It make all the difference. I truly believe there is enough success for everybody. There are no quotas or limitations on success, life doesn’t say ‘ Oh thats enough success for this year, no more’. There is enough for everyone and helping each other reach it is the best way to go.

So let me introduce myself. I am Kylie. I am an Aussie girl from Perth Australia, now residing in Aberdeen Scotland. I am bi-lingual French and English though only blog in English for the time being. Here is my story.

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Introducing Autumn’s Mummy *GUEST BLOG*


Hi, I’m Laura from Autumn’s Mummy! I’m 25 and happily married to my husband, Dave. Next year we’ll be celebrating a decade together! Last September (2016) we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, our first child. We named her Autumn.

Unfortunately, two weeks after she was born, she suddenly fell ill. It was quite a shock, particularly as she’d seemed so healthy up until that point and it had been a smooth pregnancy. To cut a long story short, she had an incredibly mobile ovarian cyst that had wrapped itself around one of her ovaries, killing it off.

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Community Champions Week 10

When I looked in my diary to see who was being featured this week, I knew this week was going to be emotional.

Week in, week out, I feature amazing individuals who constantly show their support and those featured this week have gone above and beyond to recognise both my voluntary work and blog content.

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How do I decide my content? 


Right now, I have two months of content in preparation, 3 year’s worth of projects being questioned, and regular new series’ showcasing the amazing people we have in the blogosphere, volunteering world and the world in general.

When I look at the next project on John’s Road to Volunteering, I look at what’s apparent in my surroundings. What have I seen on social media, that shows a gap in content? What conversations have I seen taking place? What conversations have I had?

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Community Champions Week 9

Week 9 of the most excitable project I’ve ran on John’s Road to Volunteering is here! Community Champions is surprising more people than ever and I’m currently working out how I can reach more people.

More and more people are joining the blogging world, and there’s more people who deserve recognition through simple actions, that make such a big difference.

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Giveaways, thoughts and numbers


When I woke up at 8am this morning, I wasn’t expecting all the drama that’s seen the blogging world speak up about bots on Instagram. I’m not on Instagram, I’m not fazed by it, nor do I really care.

What I do care about is why it take things like this for the blogging world to speak up? Why are we not speaking up more about unpopular topics? Why are we not uniting as a ‘community’ and having a full-on discussion about topics so many people are scared to talk about?

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Top tips to collaborating with bloggers


Collaborating is something I love doing. Being able to share your thoughts with someone is amazing; finding common ground and similar passions.

‘Community Chooses Week’; my monthly series gives you, the readers the power over the content, and is an example of collaboration. Collaboration can come in many other forms; guest hosting chats, sharing thoughts in a q & a, answering a poll or like the focus in this post…collaborating with other bloggers in post form.

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Community Champions Week 8

Week in, week out, I love writing up these posts. I love how each week 5 bloggers unexpectedly receive a message from me, letting them know of my wish to feature them.

The community is amazing for support, and 2 months in (officially), I hope each person featured (all 40 bloggers over the 8 weeks) have loved being part of the series.

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Behind the head shots explained…


My journey is an adventure. I tend to travel to various places now; local and national to share my story. My story as we all know by now has had its ups and downs, with many life experiences being shared on John’s Road to Volunteering.

When you look at most pictures accompanying my written content, many are taken from behind. Many shots are the back of my head looking out into the distance, and in tonight’s post, I want to share why most of my pictures are like this and why I think it’s important for my readers to see what I see.

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Moving forward as a community


During last night’s #BlogHour, I asked…


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10K doesn’t define me


When I hit 10K on Twitter last week, I didn’t know how to respond; celebrate, cry or a bit of both.

I’ve never been a numbers focused person, as how can you put a statistic on your personal journey? A personal journey to me is more about the impact you have behind the scenes. The behind the scenes actions you’re unable to see, unless someone tells you of your impact.

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Blog relevance part 2


In my 2 ½ years in blogging, I’ve learned more about myself, my passions, and how to use my voice. I’ve learned, to be relevant I have to keep learning.

I have to keep learning by taking myself out of my comfort zone, to test the person I am and who I might be. When I first started blogging, I had a cheeky personality, but I never truly understood how to use it. (It’s a bit too cheeky now!)

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Community Champions Week 7

I can’t believe ‘Community Champions’ has been running for nearly 2 months!

When I came up with the idea for the series, I knew I wanted to thank people who’ve supported my journey. It’s an act of kindness for someone to reach out to you when you’re down or to send you a message letting you know you’re doing good.

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Why does John’s Road to Volunteering work?


Why does John’s Road to Volunteering work? It’s something I’ve been questioning for some time now. What is it about me and my journey that attracts attention?

Is it my personality? How I’m so open about my past experiences, present thoughts and future goals?

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Blog relevance part 1


One of the toughest parts of blogging is figuring out what content is relevant. We could have 1000s of readers, but without knowing more about their preferences and balancing them out with what you want to share, content will not have the impact you want.

It took me some time to realise this, and seeing what’s happening in my journey right now, this topic is so relevant (like what I did there?!). I’m about to hit 10K on Twitter, which if you said to me last year, I would have laughed. I would have laughed as I didn’t know what I was doing, what content to put out there and why it’s so important to be ourselves.

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Community Champions Week 6

Every week, I get excited to share with you the latest installment of ‘Community Champions’ and the amazing people I have in my life.

I never take success for my own actions, as I believe everyone who has ever supported John’s Road to Volunteering and even 2 years of volunteering before the blog was created, have given me the motivation to do more. They give me the motivation to succeed.

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Authentic Blogging


We hear this word a lot in the blogging world, and we all have come face to face with it, especially when we follow someone online and wonder if they’re authentic or not?

When people ask me why I’m so open and honest about my life, it’s because I want people who meet me to know they’re meeting John, not John’s Road to Volunteering.

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Community Champions Week 5

I loved last week’s ‘Community Champions’ post! Not because of the fact it recognised others who deserve to be in the limelight, but also was a thank you post to those who’ve helped me along my own journey.

This week, I wanted to do the same. This time, with 5 more ‘Community Champions’.

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We have the foundations


Looking down at the ground, I see the opportunity to grow. The opportunity to develop. The opportunity to build.

Some people might look at my last few posts as a rant, some might look at them as much-needed content in the blogosphere.


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Open up the blogging world to men


There’s a picture without the writer behind the content. Is this a reflection of how the blogosphere react to men who blog?

When I spoke about the reasons why I won’t be attending future blogging events, others spoke up. Others highlighted they’ve noticed many parts of the blogosphere are female orientated, and I get it! I get that the majority of bloggers are female, but when it comes to the minority, we’re still being excluded.

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Blogger events are not for me


Knowing the direction you want to take your blog, means you have to go through numerous trial and error periods, trying to understand what works for you.

The last few weeks, I’ve been to a few blogger events, set up my own pre-event meetup and I’ve come to the conclusion that events are not for me.

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Why do we put barriers up in the blogosphere


I spoke up yesterday about blogging events and how I don’t find them inclusive, and today’s post covers ‘why DO we put barriers up in the blogosphere?’.

We’re putting barriers up, as we don’t want to see change. Change would mean our content would most likely need to take a new direction, and who wants that? Who wants to take things to the next level?

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Community Champions Week 4

It’s back! Community Champions is back!

I love this series, as when I send a message to someone letting them know I want to recognise what they do on John’s Road to Volunteering, they’re always surprised.

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Telling your story


It’s been a week of activity in both my personal life and for John’s Road to Volunteering. The week has seen me share stories in ways I’ve never done so previously, parts of my story that have never been shared, and meetings involving the next few parts of my journey.


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Single life as a blogger

The single life can have its ups and downs, like being in a relationship can have, and with this being said, as its UK Singles Day today, I thought…Let’s talk about the single life and blogging with a few of my friends.

I struggle at times being single, I won’t lie. Despite the amount of extra time I now have to spend on myself and to self-care, I’m happy to admit, I like being close to someone. I like being close to someone, knowing one experience is our experience.

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Blogosphere Magazine recognises JRTV


It’s an announcement I’ve been sworn to secrecy for some time now, but last night, I attended the Blogosphere Magazine’s Cover Reveal, as John’s Road to Volunteering is featured in Issue 12!


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The shit-stirrer bloggers


There are some people out there, who are just out to cause a stir. People that may appear in your everyday life, past, present or future, and the same happens in the blogging world.  Some bloggers like to stir the shit pot.

The shit pot, that’ll make someone feel bad for either being themselves, for having an opinion, or for just ridiculing someone for ridiculous reasons. These shit-stirrers are attention seeking bullies.

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Blog expansions


There’s a road in front of you, that others are taking and you’re questioning whether you take your blog in a different route. What if the road could be shared? Would you say yes?

Time after time, I’ve looked at ways to expand the blog. Originally, I focused solely on volunteering and charity work, and now, I blog about any topic relevant to my journey.

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Community Champions Week 3

I love how every week now (apologies for missing last week!) on John’s Road to Volunteering is dedicated to ‘Community Champions’!

I get a real buzz from sending a message to someone, mentioning my want to feature them in the series, and to get a shocked response back.

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The bloggers nightmare


Ever been in a position where writer’s block appears? You’re pumped at the spare few hours you have to write content and once you open up a new document, everything goes misty. The thoughts are not coming out, questioning, whether writers block has taken over your mind?

I’ve never experienced writer’s block before, and this might be surprising, but blogging daily helps.

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Background stories


Remember when I talked about ‘Embracing diversity in the blogosphere’? The blog post got people thinking and also flared up my passion for the differences each person brings to the blogging world and it all resonates to their background story.

I’ve shared my story a lot on here, well, it’s a journey John’s Road to Volunteering and the journey has its ups and downs, it’s roundabouts and its barriers waiting for me to knock them down.

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The blogging race




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Embracing diversity in the blogosphere


More and more people are joining the blogosphere every day and with growth, comes diversity.

Diversity within new bloggers teaches us that the fresh breed might have new ideas running through their creative engine and yet…

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Taking your blog forward


In the last few days, I’ve talked about confusion, blog direction, and a lack of knowledge surrounding my personal future.

When I got home today from a carvery (it was bloody lovely!), I thought to myself, what advice would I give someone wanting to take their blog forward? Here are my thoughts…

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How being confused is helping my creative side


Recently, I’ve felt far from myself. When I wrote ‘Blogging full-time…is it for me?‘, I was lost. I was so confused with where my life was going, and yes, I’m still at that the same point, but it’s doing some good.

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Community Champions Week 2

Every week, I’m featuring 5 incredible individuals on John’s Road to Volunteering, who I see as ‘Community Champions’. ‘Community Champions’ are inspirational individuals who take time out of their day to make an impact on the world in their own way.

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Finding my niche *GUEST BLOG*

Kevv (3).png

Hello guys and welcome to John’s Road To Volunteering, featuring myself! As soon as I saw the opportunity to have a guest spot, I jumped at the chance. Not only because John has such a great blog as well as being very experienced in the ‘blogging game’, but also because this is my first guest blog post, so I am very excited about that!

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Blogging full-time…is it for me?


More and more, blogging full-time is being considered. I’ve seen something that was once a ‘1 month’ project turn into something where I’m now influencing.

I’m now putting more time into John’s Road to Volunteering, whilst sorting out other aspects of my life, and with a move to London on the cards, why do I get the feeling my future isn’t as an employee?

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Online life becoming your real life


Have you ever considered how your online interactions are influencing your personal life?

Melissa and I first started speaking some time ago now (I can’t even remember when/how, sorry Melissa), we had similarities that helped to start our friendship. We both have a love for sport, volunteering and blogging and when we met for the first time yesterday, the conversation never stopped.

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Blog engagement; Strategy and branding


When people ask, I respond. It’s just the nature John’s Road to Volunteering is going down and with #JRTVChat now in full flow (9pm GMT on Twitter, if you’re unaware), the opportunity at the end of the chat to suggest topics for the following week is allowing me to understand what the community want.

I’m responding to it!

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Community Champions Week 1

Today, I’m sharing with you 5 individuals I believe are incredible people, whom are making a difference in the blogging world.

It’s the start of ‘Community Champions’, a weekly recognition I’m hosting to let people know their acts of kindness, whether big or small are being noticed.

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When you’re on track, but not the same one


It’s a funny old world social media, and the way things can change overnight. When I mean overnight, I mean us, not the platforms.

When we believe in ourselves and the path we’re on, we don’t think about any other paths appearing or the want for change, but when I decided to change things up this month, well, let’s sum it up…

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Let’s talk…bullies and jealousy in blogging


The topics these last few days chosen as part of ‘Community Chooses Week’ has opened my mind to some of the pet peeves I have with the blogging world.

When you chose ‘the jealous blogger’ in today’s poll, I was glad. It’s time to speak up and I mean SPEAK UP!

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Lazy Bloggers


I love how every time I post a poll on Twitter, you guys always seem to pick the topic I most want to talk about. Yesterday’s post about ‘why people quit blogging’ has been one of my all-time most interacted posts, and following on from that is tonight’s topic; ‘Lazy bloggers’.

What even is a lazy blogger? I’m not sure a correct term can be defined, as it’ll depend on person to person, but I will say one thing…

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Why people quit blogging

IMAG1411 (2).jpg

Blogging is great, right? Sharing your thoughts to the world, possibly inspiring others along the way, and giving people the opportunity to know more about you and your life.

Great things come with a price, and in this instance, not a financial price. Mental wellbeing teaches us that we must look after ourselves and to do what’s necessary to keep a positive mind-set, along with the personal belief of who we are, what we’re doing and what’ll happen next.

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Loneliness in blogging


Following me on Twitter, you’ll know I love a good poll! I love finding out people’s perceptions in life and when you chose today’s topic I have something recently polled on my account, that I want to bring up.

The other day, 25 out of 76 people stated they either felt excluded from the blogging community or have never felt part of it from the beginning.

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Starting conversations


Looking back at the last few weeks at the content I’ve uploaded, a lot has focused on personal development.

I thought long and hard about today’s chosen topic and how to approach it, and I want to strip things back and how you all realise that simple actions are all that’s needed to start a conversation.

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Creating your own niche


I’m constantly learning new things every day in the blogging world, more about myself in every interaction and how ‘YOU’ are the most important part of developing your blog’s niche.

Notice how I said develop rather than create?

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Welcome to the community


2017 has seen a new breed of bloggers join the community, and many I’ve connected with. Do you remember what it was like when you first started out?

I remember not having a clue there was a community, feeling I was on my own, but that might have just been me. I might have isolated myself, as I wasn’t exploring opportunities to connect with others.

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Seeing something grow


Do you remember the first time you thought about blogging? I do!

I remember speaking to my partner at the time about blogging, and her suggestion of starting John’s Road to Volunteering was always seen as a joke. Not in an essence of not believing her in the idea, but believing it would last.

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One’s success isn’t your own


Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on building a community, and as I’ve very recently received a tonne of messages asking me for advice about growing their social media, I thought today’s post was relevant.

Ask yourself…What is success?

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Building a blog community


More and more these days, the term ‘community’ is being mentioned about John’s Road to Volunteering. The fact that I don’t just share my own story, but others to, giving whoever wants an opportunity a platform to make it happen.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become a lot of interactive on Twitter. Have you noticed? I’d take a tweet and turn it into something inclusive. #JRTVChat for example.

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Are we protecting young bloggers?


We can forget at times the diverse range of individuals making up the blogging community and Abbie and I had a recent thought…Are we protecting young bloggers?

Throughout this blog collaboration, you’ll notice A and J. Each part with an A before the content is Abbie’s words, and J for mine. Enjoy the blog and do let us know your thoughts.

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Working with brands


Let’s start with explaining today’s picture. I could have had a headshot seeing me type an email, pictures of t-shirts I’ve received as a volunteer (yes, charities are brands) or, well, the list is endless of pictures linked to today’s topics, but when working with brands, I want to be drawn out of my cave and engaged in every aspect of their communication. Why?

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Blogging ruts


More and more bloggers are feeling depleted due to a lack of inspirational blog ideas coming to mind. Before I started daily blogging, at times, I would sit there without an ounce of wisdom willing to be shared, and then something changed. I decided to reflect on what JRTV was all about and what I wanted the future of the blog to look like.

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Creative Photography


If you were asked what creative photography was, what would your answer be? In all honesty, if there is a meaning to this, I’d love to know.

I love putting words together that make sense, and if I were to define ‘creative photography’ it would be the story behind the pictures.

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Morning motivations


What gets me up in the morning you ask?

The freezing temperatures at present are causing a blunder in my morning motivations, so when the topic was today’s chosen topic, it became apparent, I’m more motivated than I care to believe.

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Pressures of blogging


Is it me or does the term ‘Blogger’ a pressure in itself?

We’re under the pressure to create eye-catching content drawing in a crowd to witness our thoughts being put into an article, with the unknown quantity, as to if anyone will read it? I crap myself at the thought!

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We all start somewhere


Does the picture above look a bit plain? Not much character in its meaning?

I’ve seen time and time recently in the blogging world, that many are either unhappy with their content or how the lack of engagement they see in their stats?

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Behind the scenes of blogging


Someone, somewhere is hard at work creating content for their blog. Content that can take several hours to muster up, just to satisfy their needs, their community’s needs and any potential followers.

Bloggers are not given enough credit for what they do.

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Building anticipation


Do you know what my current project is called?

Late last year (still not used to saying 2017), among many meetings, one topic became apparent…building anticipation.

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Charlene’s ‘First Steps’ to creating #beechat *Guest Blog


When the lovely John asked me if I would like to guest post on his blog in the beginning of 2017 it was an offer I could not refuse. I have done many collaborations with John in the past and he has been a significant part of my own #beechat community on Twitter over the past year and it is always an honour to work with him. So I want to start off by thanking John for the opportunity to appear on his blog once again!

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What are you moaning about?


I want to speak up today. I want to speak up for every blogger in the blogosphere whose ever been judged for having an opinion.

One aspect of blogging I hate is the bitchiness. The individuals who can’t accept someone for who they are or the opinions they are.

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Influencing isn’t a numbers game…or is it?


100 followers, 1000 followers, 100,000 followers…do numbers really matter when influencing?

I wanted to write about this topic today, as I tend to see a lot of comments from bloggers about why they’re not receiving opportunities with brands or why they’re not having a lot of engagement on their blog.

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Self-care is a MUST


These last 3 days off from the blog have shown me how little time I put to one side for self-care.

For so long now, I’ve focused on possible achievements and my personal development, and despite what I’ve done these last few years, I’ve never really taken the time out to focus on me.

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Finding guest blogging opportunities


From time to time, you might notice I write guest blogs for other bloggers and for charities. That’s a lie…I regularly guest blog for others, giving us today’s topic.

I hear far too often that many bloggers have never shared their work outside of their community. Guest blogging is a key opportunity for your personal growth and to gain new followers along the way.

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The fear of the end


There comes a time in a bloggers life, where the uncertainty scares the living daylights out of us. You reach an all-time high and wander whether it’s going to last. I get this far too often.

I seem like a confident guy, but there’s still a time where I’m scared about whether JRTV is going to end.

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The future of blogging


2017 is fast approaching and many of us are now sitting down deciding on our blog goals for the next year. I sat down this morning to decide mine and I’m sure they’ll become clearer in time, but for now, what does the future hold?

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Don’t be scared to speak up


Yesterday, I talked about sharing your wisdom.

I didn’t talk about how to do this with a lack of confidence and ‘the wall’ stopping you from making it happen.

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Blogger attention


For the last 24 hours, I’ve asked you all to decide on today’s post.

I love asking you what you want to read as that’s why I’m blogging. I want to use my experiences to help as many of you to grow and, as a result of the poll, you decided on…

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Do what makes you happy


Ever questioned your blog? Been told that your blog posts aren’t good enough?

Don’t listen! Do what makes you happy!

We get so caught up at times about our growth and what we’d like our blog to be and the moment someone critiques your blog in a negative way, you begin to question what you do?

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Blogger perceptions


In a world where blogging is becoming a growing trend, the public view is beginning to put a stereotype around the blogosphere.

Recent meetings and discussions have highlighted this and why wouldn’t there be a perception about bloggers? We have a perception about everything else…

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There’s something about sharing your story


There’s something about sharing your story. I’ve had the opportunity to share my story in numerous ways as a blogger, volunteer and charity professional, and each experience is different.

Considering each audience will be different and the style of communication will vary, the main objective of sharing your story still has the same ideal outcome; inspiration.

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Dear John


What a year 2017 has been!

Who would have thought your journey would have exploded once more; I’m so proud of you!

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Letter to Myself


It’s the time of year where we begin to buy presents for our family and friends, with the excitement of Christmas just around the corner.

With this in mind, it’s also time to ponder what 2017 might hold for us and what we might achieve in the 365 days ahead.

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Blogopshere Bullying


Being a blogger has its ups and downs. We love what we do, but the amount of time and effort can at times, put a damper on our passion.

Passion is why I became a blogger. My love for volunteering and the charity world gave me a purpose; starting John’s Road to Volunteering was the outcome.

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The ‘Male’ blogger label


In a new string of equality and diversity posts on JRTV, I wanted to talk about a pet peeve with the blogging world.

It’s become apparent that the male population have their own niche and category, signalling we’re different. In hind sight….we’re bloggers!

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What social media really is


Social Media…today’s chosen platform to talk to friends, meet new people and share our thoughts on day to day life, and an array of opinions covering the latest news stories.

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New to Twitter? 


Signing up for something new is daunting with a hint of excitement.

The one thing I look forward to is learning. I love to challenge my mind to welcome new concepts and with some things they either last or they don’t.

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Hosting Twitter chats


One thing I love is hosting Twitter chats. It’s an incredible opportunity to reach out to your current contacts, learning more about their ways, but also a great way to meet new people.

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Inclusive blogging


We’re a rare breed of bloggers, otherwise known as the male population.

Until I indulged into an array of Twitter chats, I wasn’t aware of how little male blogging makes up the blogging world.

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