Mental Health Awareness

When I shared my childhood mental health story, the community came together. What if more people shared their story and the term ‘you’re not alone’ swept the world?

This is the purpose of the ‘Mental Health Awareness’ series. It’s to give people a non-judgmental environment to share their story, in hope someone will relate to their experience.

Volunteering gave me the chance to give back *GUEST BLOG*


I was given the opportunity to take part in volunteering at one of the lowest points in my adult life. I was struggling in services for drug addiction and felt like there was no way out. My key worker suggested that I attend to the Service User Involvement forum as she thought I would benefit from it and I agreed not really knowing what to expect. When I arrived, it was a meeting, a pretty informal one at that but a meeting with a proper agenda and even a free lunch. Everyone was positive, friendly and had been through addiction, just like me. These people were in recovery but what is recovery? Each person has their own idea of the concept. Everybody’s recovery journey will be different as we are all individual with our own struggles and our own minds. But what I soon began to realise is what these people had in common was the forum. What it brought to them? Opportunity and hope.

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A battle with Emetophobia *GUEST BLOG*


Trigger warning: this post contains talk of anorexia and being sick. Please don’t read if either of these things could upset you! 

No one likes being sick, I mean its hardly a pleasant experience. But for most people thats all it is, something they don’t like but thats just an unavoidable fact of life.

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It’s here again, the month of May.  Another month on the calendar for some, but for the millions upon millions of us living with mental illness this month is something special. May being Mental Health Awareness Month is a beacon of hope and a time for us to focus our efforts on spreading information regarding our lives with mental illness.

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Aoife’s story *GUEST BLOG*

Aoife (2).png

As a holistic therapist, I work with the four levels of being: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The balancing of the mental realm is just as critical to good health as the others. Mental health is something that a lot of people take for granted but when your mind is not at peace, it can feel like your world is falling apart. Communication with others can become more difficult and the stigma and isolation can be overwhelming.

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Reading for your mental wellbeing *GUEST BLOG*

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It should come as no surprise that as an English teacher, I am an advocate for reading. All through your school career parents, teacher and other adults harp on about how important reading is. Half of my job as a teacher is to convince students how reading is going to impact their GCSE results. But why does it matter so much? Apart from having the ability to take you anywhere in the world and offering great entertainment, it helps promote deeper and more critical thinking, widens vocabulary and a development of empathy for others. But you may also be surprised to know that is also works wonders on your health and mental wellbeing. I know; it seems unlikely that something that provides entertainment, inspiration and education can make your life better and healthier, but bear with me…

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