One Goal

The opportunity to change a life is an experience we all can live, and with so much of my own life changing since giving time to the community, I have the goal to leave a legacy.

I want to know that everything I’ve done physically and mentally, the stories I’ve shared, the time I’ve given to others have all been for a reason.



JRTV100 is an awareness building project, supporting 100 charities in a 3-year timeframe, using my volunteering experiences with each as a form of promotion internally and externally.

By giving time to 100 charities, I’m learning more about the sector, the different ways volunteering is promoted, how volunteers are recruited, and I’m able to use my experiences, along with my 4 ½ year journey to inspire, motivate and educate more people to give time to the community.

Community Champions


The blogging community have been very welcoming since I first joined, and part of who I am is saying thank you to people. I want to create memories with the legacy and to let people know how amazing they truly are.

Every day someone new is joining the blogging community and I remember when the charity I first volunteered with gave me a chance.

New to Blogging


New to Blogging is a series where I open up my blog for others to have their voice heard. It’s can be scary starting something new, so I hope by giving new bloggers their first opportunity, the John’s Road to Volunteering community will welcome them like volunteering has with me.

Through volunteering, I learned how to open up about my life and earlier this year, I shared my childhood mental health story with the support of the blogging community.

Mental Health Awareness


If we want to challenge the stigma, voices need to be heard. Just like my ‘New to Blogging’ series, ‘mental health awareness’ is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s to give people an open space to share their story and to raise awareness of various MH issues and how they affect your day to day life.

Everything created on John’s Road to Volunteering is to give opportunity, for series’ to relate to my personal story and to openly speak my mine.

Not enough awareness in blogging is being done surrounding disability awareness so…

Disability Awareness


I’m creating a series dedicated to people sharing their disability stories and experiences.

I have one goal in life, and that’s to impact the world. To impact the world I must speak up. I must share personal stories no matter how tough. I must be an advocate for equality and diversity.

Lastly…I have to be an advocate for breaking down the barriers not only for myself, but for the future. I will create a legacy through everything I do, so watch this space, and wait to see what I have coming up next…