One Journey

When I first volunteered in 2012, I didn’t expect to be give my time to the community for longer than a month. I saw my lack of direction in life as an opportunity to try something new, to help me to start a new career, and yet 4 ½ years on, my story has become a source of inspiration and motivation, translating in more people giving their time to their community.

Having supported 100s of charities across 6 continents, volunteered 1000s of hours and 100,000s impacted by my story, John’s Road to Volunteering has become much more than a blog, with my focus on running a story-telling platform.

Besides the written blogs, below you’ll find 2 stories sharing some of the darkest moments in my life and how I’ve used them to influence my journey.


Vinspired have shown incredible support for my journey and in April 2017, I sat down with them for a chat all about my story and how personal situations have helped me to develop into the person I am today.

Volunteering Saved my Life


PDF – johns-road-to-volunteering (Last updated December 2016)

When more people wanted to read my story, I wanted to make it accessible for all by writing up my story into a PDF for all to download.

The PDF, last updated in December 2016, gives you a back story into childhood traumas, how I felt like a failure and how a single decision changed my life for the better.