One Man

Award winning volunteer, Blogger, Public Speaker, Former World Record Holder and soon to be Fundraising Adventurer.

Award-winning volunteer


I love volunteering. I think that’s obvious knowing the blog’s title.

Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose, seeing smiles appear on those I help, the opportunity to use my personality to make others laugh and a chance to use my personal story to let others know they’re not on their own.



Blogging helps me to tell my story. Writing personal posts gives me a snse of relief, taling about family trauma’s, mental health, bullying + self worth and much much more…

I write to open up. I open up to relate. I relate to highlight life can be crap, but we have the power to use it to influence the future.

Public Speaker

Credit: Forum Training

I was never a fan of speaking for school assignments, yet when I share my personal story something happens.

Speaking with raw emotions,  I bring my story to life with pictures of my life, dark stories and a passion to excel.

Former World Record Holder

Rounders GJ 85
Credit: Sonar TV

2015, I had a goal to bring the city of Southampton together to set a new world record for the ‘Most people in a Rounders exhibition match’.

The event quickly drew in attention of national press and sponsors, with the event successfully setting a world record with the help of 79 people coming together from across the UK to highlight the importance of bringing communities together.

Soon to be Fundraising Adventurer


2018 officially launches my road to raising £1 million for charities close to my heart.

January 1st is when things kick off with a … 500 MILE WALK!!

(More details to be shared soon!)