Life can be cruel at times, yet I’m using the tough times to motivate my future.

On this page, expect a lot of emotions, personal posts and an insight into my journey.


Seeing what’s in front of me


What do I see? I see opportunity.

I see opportunities calling my name, shouting for my presence to be known.

As you can probably tell, I’m very moment at the moment. Life is exciting with my unexpected journey, I’m travelling more for photography for John’s Road to Volunteering and life is becoming clearer.

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Climbing the personal ladder


I climb and climb, wanting to be the best person I can be, and to look back feeling proud of every decision I make.

Life is full of decisions right now with choices over which charities to volunteer with next, the path I’ll be taking in January and how I use every day to the fullest; becoming a better person in the process.

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Can you hear me? *GUEST BLOG*

IMG_3521[2662] (2)

 When John asked me if I wanted to do a blog post on my experience being hearing impaired I was happy to do it. I feel like topics like this or any other disability (not that I, personally would class myself to have one) doesn’t get talked about enough so by doing this post I hope to spread some light on the issue. 

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I love who I am


I was never a confident person growing up; seeing myself for the thin body shape I had and the person inside who thought looking in the mirror would be a last resort.

Body confidence has always been a big thing for me and I’m at the part of my journey where I love who I am, what I see and what I’m doing, forgetting about everything in the past in the process.

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A battle with Emetophobia *GUEST BLOG*


Trigger warning: this post contains talk of anorexia and being sick. Please don’t read if either of these things could upset you! 

No one likes being sick, I mean its hardly a pleasant experience. But for most people thats all it is, something they don’t like but thats just an unavoidable fact of life.

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Run, Joe, Run *GUEST BLOG*

[UNSET] (1)

You might remember today’s guest blogger, Joe Green, from a few months back. Joe is on a mission this year to complete 4 gruelling challenges for Sands UK, after losing a child very, very young.

Joe completed the Lincoln 10k to kick things off, and now here he is back again to share his preparation for the Leeds Half Marathon. 

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Let me be me…


I’m fed up with the online world and how apparently there’s certain things in your life you shouldn’t share. When I decided to take John’s Road to Volunteering down a more personal route, more people responded. More people responded, feeling a sense of relevance in my content and how my life stories resonate with theirs or with someone close to them.

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Blind Faith


It’s here again, the month of May.  Another month on the calendar for some, but for the millions upon millions of us living with mental illness this month is something special. May being Mental Health Awareness Month is a beacon of hope and a time for us to focus our efforts on spreading information regarding our lives with mental illness.

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The start of the road ahead 


Announcing my 550 mile walk fundraiser on Monday (walk is in January), the comments were hilarious! Some people thought I was mad for taking on the challenge, others thought I was an inspiration, and a few questioned how it was possible.


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Why I’m taking time out…


For a little while, I’m going to be a hit and miss on social media. I’ve gotten to a stage where a lot is happening. A lot is happening, where I now have to make decisions about what’s the best way to spend my time.

When I shared a tweet last night about my 4 – 6 week no blog chat experiment, I’m really saying I need time out. I need to make more time to look after myself, I need to make more time to figure things out and I need to be better with my time.

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Aoife’s story

Aoife (2).png

As a holistic therapist, I work with the four levels of being: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The balancing of the mental realm is just as critical to good health as the others. Mental health is something that a lot of people take for granted but when your mind is not at peace, it can feel like your world is falling apart. Communication with others can become more difficult and the stigma and isolation can be overwhelming.

As a child, I was outwardly very calm and steady in a crisis. However, I think due to a few events in my early life, I developed a sense of not being safe in the world.

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How one person opened up my future


I’ve never really spoken about today’s topic or mentioned the person involved.

When I met my first love at at the age of 21 (yes, I was a late comer when it came to finding love), my volunteering was in full flow. I was volunteering for several organisations, I was loving life, and yet something was missing.

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Reading for your mental health *GUEST BLOG*

Library image

It should come as no surprise that as an English teacher, I am an advocate for reading. All through your school career parents, teacher and other adults harp on about how important reading is. Half of my job as a teacher is to convince students how reading is going to impact their GCSE results. But why does it matter so much? Apart from having the ability to take you anywhere in the world and offering great entertainment, it helps promote deeper and more critical thinking, widens vocabulary and a development of empathy for others. But you may also be surprised to know that is also works wonders on your health and mental wellbeing. I know; it seems unlikely that something that provides entertainment, inspiration and education can make your life better and healthier, but bear with me…

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The night I won’t forget…


Yesterday afternoon, once I had finished my morning volunteering, I was excited, nervous and could feel the tension.

I’ve been on about the Big Sleep Out event with Trinity Winchester for some time. (Read my blog post about helping Trinity Winchester to raise awareness here)

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Izzy’s IBD story *GUEST BLOG*


I guess I should start with a bit about myself. I’ve been blogging (on and off) since early 2015. Late last year, I fell ill and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Almost straight away I started to include my medical experiences in my otherwise quite impersonal blog. Since then I have written for the Mighty, joined a voluntary group, and started fundraising- as a result I’ve connected with people all around the world to share experiences and feelings.

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Since a young age, I have always been more clumsy and uncoordinated than my friends, especially when it came to sports. Throughout school I was quite happy and achieved good grades but always found it hard to keep up with everyone when we were reading or carrying out written exercises. I have always been a ‘sensitive soul’ and up until the last few years found that I got stressed quite easily. Before my diagnosis of Dyspraxia, I didn’t think there could be a reason for any of these things. I always thought they were just “Becca’ traits” but when I went to university I was diagnosed with the learning difficulty Dyspraxia.

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It’s OK to be busy


When you disappear for a while or you’re not as active online as normal, people wonder if you’re OK? In the last few weeks, I haven’t been as active on social media as I normally am, down to the fact I’m in the midst of planning a few very large projects and JRTV100 is now picking up (as per expected)

With so much going on, my involvement in Twitter chats have seriously declined, to the point people are surprised to see me in even in one.

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365 days of pure John


Every year, I give the world a treat… 365 days of pure John. Unless it’s a leap year of course.

John’s Road to Volunteering is a deep insight into my life, going through the ups and downs I may face, and the thoughts I have for changing the world.

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Family life, ‘home’ and freedom


You know that feeling of wanting to shut the world off, put your headphones on, and all you’ve got in front of you is a notepad, pen and your laptop? That was me last night.

The last few weeks have been so full of ups and downs, so much so that I’m about to get personal. I’m about to let my inner thoughts out, no barriers at all and just say what I need to say. This post is essentially me rambling on about my life and why Southampton is no longer my home.

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Be the legacy


Yesterday’s post was all about impact over numbers, and it was coincidental the behind the scenes impact was shown by the comments, messages and tweets I received post upload.

I want to open up to you all today about my life goal. I’m a corny git, knowing my future is to help others, and if you saw my Blogosphere Magazine feature or the blog post dedicated to being in Issue 12 (click here for the post), you’ll know there was a quote mentioning “Many people feel like they’re not given an opportunity in life, so I give them one”.

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The joker and his hair (well lack of)


Wherever I go, whoever I meet, my hair is always a talking point. The mm’s (that’s pushing it) of golden locks, swaying in the wind and glowing in the sunlight, are always something I tend to joke about.

I had a receding hairline showing when I was 19, and I was really body conscious at the time, so shaving my head wasn’t seen as something I’d regret.

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I feel ready to conquer my fear of water



First of all, I know it’s a bit different when it comes to having a fear, but at the age of 4, during a friend’s birthday party, I went under. I went under unaware of what was going on, what to do, and having never been in the pool, well any pool before, I couldn’t swim.

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When Plan A doesn’t work


I’m not sure what plan I’m on, but it’s certainly not ‘Plan A’.

‘Plan A’ was to become a professional athlete, further my top 5 UK time (I was a sprinter) for my age group and receive a scholarship in America. Meetings happened, I was set a target, and an injury happened. A single injury ended my athletic future, and I haven’t really run since. This happened when I was 18.

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I will take steps back to take leaps forward


My journey consists of a lot of backward and forward motions. It’s an endless cycle. To progress, I have to go backwards. I have to go backwards, revisit the tough times and the thoughts they brought and use them to influence the future.

I’m an emotional guy. I’m happy to admit this. When I read through ‘my story’, I do shed a tear. I shed a tear thinking back to whom I once were, and the person I am today. I’m freaking proud at who I am and yet, some days I go into this emotional turmoil, that brings back the past.

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Using your past to influence the future


When I recently shared my untold story, I was unaware of the impact it would have. Within 24 hours, I received a public speaking opportunity, along with a number of tweets, comments and DM’s from others who related to the story.

I write about some pretty personal things at times, and many I find easy to write. I find them easy, knowing that my experiences will influence the future. It’ll influence my future and those around me.

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Translating written content into spoken word


Standing there, presentation behind me and a group of strangers in front of me. You feel the eyes staring, knowing what you’re about to say can either go well or not, and the outcome will be decided by the length of your talk.

I love public speaking. I never thought I’d say that, as I was a nervous wreck giving talks as part of school assignments, yet when talking about my journey and volunteering in specific, words flow, my mind clears, and the story begins.

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The untold story

IMAG3187 (1)

At 11am this morning, I delivered a lecture to local students, sharing my journey, and also my untold story.

An untold story that I’ve kept to myself (only my exes know) for almost 12 years, and today, I felt I was ready.

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When shit appears


I’m sat here typing this, hours away from my most personal public talk to date. A room of around 40 strangers will soon be hearing my untold story, and how shit appeared at a very young age.

You have to wait until tomorrow to find how what happened, but I wanted to type this post (well, after you decided this as tonight’s topic), and talk to you about sharing personal stories.

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There’s a lot more to come


Writing this on Saturday evening, I could feel the thoughts running through my mind…What’s next? What IS coming up for me? How long will it be until I’m in London? Is London where I’m meant to be?

Yes, is the answer. I have been pushing myself for the last 4 years with my volunteering journey and I’m not finished yet.

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Feeling lost


Feeling lost is not a nice feeling, especially when it’s a subject very apparent in my life right now. (You can read more about my life dilemma right here).

It’s funny that I feel lost writing this post. This never happens with my content, so I think that’s the reality of being confused with your life. Sometimes, getting your feelings out can help, yet I’m here struggling to do just that.

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Fashion meets blogging and volunteering


On the way to meet my uncle today, before we headed to take pictures for future blog posts, today’s post came to mind.

I’ve talked a lot about personal belief and self image in recent posts and today, I wanted to talk about what helped me to gain this new found confidence.

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A look back at the life of John Sennett


Today might be Valentine’s Day; the day we show love to one another, whether it being our partner, family or friends, but it’s something much more important….MY BIRTHDAY!


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The truth about how JRTV is impacting my career


I thought today’s post would have been the complete opposite to what it is. After attending an interview for my dream job and dream charity on Monday, I was optimistic. I was feeling very good about how it all went, had internal staff backing me all the way, and even volunteered with them for a few years supporting REALLY recognisable events, recent campaigns and their charity shops.

I didn’t get the job. I felt like a broken man yesterday, with my uncle next to me unable to understand how I felt.

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The image behind the blog


We all know by now, that a considerable part of John’s Road to Volunteering is about volunteering. It’s in the title.


On the other hand, more and more of my posts over the last few months have been personal insights into my life and what makes me, me.

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Let your personality shine


There’s a platform there! Well a step! Why aren’t you standing on it? Why are you looking at me like an alien?

Ok, I understand I have an E.T shaped head, and I’m a giant, but there’s still a step there!

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Life is a journey


This week has been overwhelming…very overwhelming! I started this week with notification that I’m a nominee for a national award, and the day after JRTV100 launched!

The one thing I love about my life at the moment is the unknown. I might know some of the charities involved in my JRTV100 project, but until I meet, chat over the phone, whatever form of communication is taken, I never know what the outcome will be.

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Influencing yourself


The term ‘influencer’ is becoming more apparent in the world with 2017 set to open a pathway for the next breed of influencers to rise up.

Influencing is an act of persuasion after voicing one’s opinion, with the reader or viewer following the influencers action post indulging in the content.

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My 2017 bucket list


It’s that time of year, we take the plunge and predict, well not predict, hope we can achieve great things big or small, progressing onto the next stage in life and loving what we’re doing along the way.

2017 is an exciting year for me, as I embark on my biggest volunteering project to date, meaning I’m upping the ante this year. I don’t want a simple year. I want a year that’s going to test me to my limits, allowing me to reach out to even more people and to use my story; past, present and future to influence the actions of those around me.

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The quiet day


Engagement can override our brains sometimes with the want for constant interaction with the online world and when we have a quiet day, we wonder what’s going on.

I wanted to upload this specific post today, as Saturdays tend to be a quiet day. There’s no chats I get involved in and there’s no hashtags taking place every week that catches my eye.

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Feeding off your highs


In wake of what’s been an incredible year, it’s time to look forward to 2017.

Recently, I spoke about self-care being a priority in the year ahead, and with self-care, I always look at things a bit differently.

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The brother and sister bond


It’s hard to justify the brother and sister bond.

For some families it’s a love hate relationship, but with my sister Caroline, it’s something special

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It’s the time of year to reflect on the last 12 months, whilst stuffing our faces and spending time with our loved ones.

This year has been memorable for one reason…ALL OF YOU!

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What if…


What if I woke up tomorrow and my hair was back? What if I left home right now and moved to America? What if…

Familiar with the term ‘what if’?

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Conquering our fears


We all have them…the demons stopping us from doing something.

At the age of 4, I nearly drowned. I won’t go into too much detail, but to this day, yep, 20 years on, I still have a fear of water.

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I’m here to listen


A few weeks back, I shared how I wasn’t OK.

Life had gotten the best of me and I needed to speak to others. I learned the incredible community I have around me and how even though, it’s the blog’s community, it’s still a family.

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Share your wisdom


A month ago, I visited Brighton, all to the excitement to seeing a Zoltar on Brighton Pier. I’m a big fan of the film ‘Big’ and when I clasped eyes on Zoltar, I had to give it a go.

Unfortunately, my hair didn’t grow back neither did I become an old man, but he pointed something out to the amusement of my uncle.

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Money doesn’t dictate your future


Our mind-set is a fragile element to our daily living, with the slightest trigger offsetting the negatives and covering the positives, and yet here we still are doing our best to make our lives what we want it to be.

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FIRST STEPS to moving on from a break-up


It’s not a situation you’d say you want to be in, but with life kicking my butt at this present moment, I feel writing as I’m feeling these emotions is the perfect opportunity to let others know that you’re never alone.

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I’m not OK


Where do I start? I don’t know who I am right now.

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Kate’s First Steps to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


In October of this year, I started my ascent of a dormant mound of rocks and lava on the African continent, otherwise known as Mount Kilimanjaro.

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The stare


We all experience ‘the stare’ at some point and feel the anxious awkwardness it brings.

I don’t understand ‘the stare’, but all too often it happens to my friend Diarmuid.

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A smile costs nothing, but gives much *guest blog*


Taking part in John’s wonderful series I wanted simply to share something I wrote back in 2012 whilst reflecting on previous experiences of being bullied and also at the time seeing a lot of it happen around me.

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We’re all different, but we’re still humans


Diversity…to me bullying is everywhere and it isn’t just about diversity. Bullies seem to attack on anything and everything that is different or unknown to them.

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My bullying story


February 14th 1992, I came into this world, unknown of the journey I’d take to get to where I am today.

This week is Anti-Bullying week and with 2 collaborations, a guest blogger and a special stand up post, I want to start the week with my personal story.

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The Sister I no longer know…


When the Ken Barlow story-line was revealed in Coronation Street these last few weeks, it brought a realisation to my eyes.

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Father and Son in London pt 2


It’s a strange old world my life at present, with new things blossoming, old acquaintances coming back into my life…

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Stand Up to Cancer


Cancer, why are you still here? No-one wants you and it’s time for your existence to end.

Today isn’t just any old day, neither is it just a normal Stand Up to Cancer post, seen in previous years on John’s Road to Volunteering.

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My mum’s cancer story


When I asked my mum to share her story with the JRTV community, it came with a price. A price that would see the Sennett’s ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ as a family for the first time.

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The way you feel


I feel great today. How do you feel?

The way I’ve felt in the past has pointed people’s perception towards me in a negative way. I was bullied due to my lack of confidence; I was an easy target.

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A whole lot of London sightseeing


It’s been a busy week for me, with trips to Salisbury and London (3 times), meetings, and also a digital innovation event.

Your mouth might water.

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Guest blog – You Must Follow Your Dreams!


Firstly I would like to thank John for inviting me to write this piece, and like to think that what has happened to me in my life will encourage you to follow your dreams at whatever stage you’re at in your own.

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A rare Family and Son day out


It was a rare occasion for the Sennett family with two male generations spending a full day together in an unknown city for one of them.

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Knowing it’s time for change


It’s 2 years today, I started John’s Road to Volunteering, and it’s been one incredible journey to date…

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